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Kawafest×KERA SHOP Tea Party Tokyo ~ A debutante party of U Kimura’s latest brand


U Kimura, known as the most pinkest creator, teamed up with a Kawaii themed “Kawafest” and a Harajuku-fashion magazine “KERA”’s official store “KERA SHOP”. Its collaboration event was held in mid-March at Shinjuku.


世界で一番ピンクなクリエイターとして活躍中の木村優さんがKawaiiをテーマにした「かわふぇす」と原宿系ファッション雑誌「KERA」の公式ショップ「KERA SHOP」とのコラボレーションイベントが3月中旬に新宿で開催されました。

Not only the debutante fashion show of U Kimura’s latest brand “KawaiiHoric”, but the “Royal PrincessAlice” and “bio・politics” fashion shows were also held.


イベントでは木村優さんの新ブランド「KawaiiHoric.」のお披露目のファッションショーのほか「Royal PrincessAlice」、「bio・politics」のファッションショーが行われました。

“If you quit Kawaii, it is as same as being dead.” – U Kimura’s latest brand, “KawaiiHoric” sets this slogan, and “the eternal Kawaii clothes that jump over age and gender” is its concept.
The brand is for the every Kawaii lovers all over the world regardless of the gender.



This Kawaii-based clothing line also includes many “Japanese-Otaku” elements that U Kimura loves, such as “Yuri”, “BL (Boys Love)”, “Chunibyo ( a Japanese way of saying a self-conscience stage in puberty)”, and so on.

また、Kawaiiを基盤に木村優さんの好きな「ユリ」、「BL(Boys Love)」、「厨二病(ちゅうにびょう)」といったジャパニーズオタクとされる要素がたくさん詰め込まれています。

The whole point of her coordination is the rabbit ears. The veil makes it not too childish and creates a little mature and sophisticated Lolita coordination.


This One Piece Dress got its Birthday candle sticked into a bear and it emphasizes the spooky and cute style.


U says that launching a new brand was a “continuous struggle”. She would draw the design until seven in the morning, sleep for two hours and go to the modeling work. Her right hand would not move at one point for writing so many designs. She says that this day after day of trouble was like riding a roller coaster.


Her future prospect is that the KawaiiHoric would be recognized and loved as a worldwide brand and to be in part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in design area in some way.


She is also willing to provide clothes for the victims of the earthquake and to hold a fashion show with the children in the affected area.


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