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Let’s get inspired by the CANDY style’s slightly off coolness = early 2000s hip hop!


This is the unisex coordination that RYU-GODA has arranged for us. The points are the large short pants, and wearing the over sized layered tops.

PRICE: Parka 24,000JPY, Sweat Tops 36,500JPY


RYU-GODA says he likes the slightly old, hip hop artists from the early 2000s. He looks at the PV and gets inspirations from the bit weird but cool style. The neon colored sleeves are the key features, and while this may look like layers, it’s actually one layer. The parka is layered by showing the clothes underneath.

「ちょっと昔っぽい」2000年初頭のHip Hopアーティストが好きだというRYU-GODAさん。


This is using show laces as belts, and lighter case as an accessory. This is the style that rappers or skaters in the 90’s used to wear, and is now popular amongst young fashionistas. “This lighter case is 99%IS, a brand designed by a Korean designer working in Japan. The designer used to like punk, but after coming to Japan and learning about leather, he fell in love with Japan’s sensitivity. It used to have a lot of the punk taste, but now there’s more of the street style clothes, and I like that” says RYU-GODA. He has told us a lot about this brand.


The coordination’s main part, the large short pants, has a lot of cut offs, so you can enjoy incorporating the grunge and rock taste in your coordination.


“You can also wear the short pants with this. It’s short, but made of leather. The stitches give off a sporty impression and looks cool. This is from a brand called DTT.K., and has both the mode and street style fashion”.

PRICE: Short Pants 45,000JPY


RYU-GODA pulled out a different top that you can also wear, which is from LAND LOARD, a brand by a Japanese designer living in NY. It’s originally a design created by a designer that was inspired by the American factory workers and cleaning staff, and arranged it into a military and work style. This brand actually makes clothes at a factory that used to make these clothes.

PRICE: Shirt 30,000JPY

トップスのアレンジとして、RYU-GODAさんが取り出してくれたのが、NY在住の日本人デザイナーによるブランド、LAND LOARDのもの。元々は、アメリカの工事現場や清掃員の人からインスピレーションを得たデザイナーが、ミリタリーやワーク系をベースにして、作ったもの。実際そういう服を作っていた工場で、服作りをしてきているブランドだそうです。

The neon colors and the work style’s street fashion style tops goes well with the large short pants!


We also asked for coordination using the ladies clothes. “What we recommend in the CANDY store is this white T-shirt. White goes well with basically any color, and the logo print gives off the street style impression. We recommend putting black skinny pants, denim, and short pants with this.”


There are ladies fashion in the store too. Using this as a base, it may be fun to think up of a different unisex coordination!


RYU-GODA used to be a customer that loved the clothes sold and CANDY, and was scouted while shopping at the store. “CANDY has clothes that aren’t sold in other stores”. He loves hip hop and underground electro music, and in his private times, he works as a DJ.

元々はお客さんで、CANDYがすごく好きで、お店に通っているうちにスカウトされたというRYU-GODAさん。「CANDYは他に置いていないものがあるから楽しいです」と、語ってくれました。好きな音楽はHip HOPと、あとはアンダーグラウンド・エレクトロ。プライベートではDJとして活動もしているそうです。


The B1 floor has white walls, and is used to hold events or as a gallery. Each staff buys the clothes that they like, and each brand has their own story to tell. We should refer to the CANDY staffs’ coordinating skills!


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