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CANDY’s popular staff approaches it by mixing genres and styles from different times


MATCHA, who has been a CANDY staff for 4 years, created this coordination. The main point of the coordination is setup, and the key words are “pairing up the patterns” and “matching the tone”. The silhouette may look a bit bizarre, but it’s okay. Enjoying the feeling of incorporating silhouettes from different genres and times is the MATCHA

style.PRICE: Baseball Jacket 31,500JPY, Pants 33,000JPY, Parka 30,000JPY, Sun Glasses 18,000JPY, Cap 10,500JPY


Wearing a sporty sunglass with a hoodie is the current popular style in the streets of Harajuku.


This setup is actually a design of a baseball shirt. “I like how the cloth is weaved to give it a Japanese taste to it” says MATCHA.


If you want to change the parka inside, why not try this? Christina Paik, who was born in Korea and lives in New York, is a popular fashion street photographer, and with her great senses on fashion, she has created an original brand.
PRICE: Parka 12,000JPY


Using the chain, you can arrange it from the 90’s taste to the current style.
PRICE: Pants 33,000JPY, Wallet Chain 15,000JPY


The back of the jacket can be squeezed. How it puts emphasis on the line of the body makes it a CANDY style coordination.


If you were to use a similar baseball shirt setup to create a different coordination, what would it be like? We asked MATCHA to show us her idea.
PRICE: Baseball Jacket 31,500JPY, Pants 33,000JPY

同じようなベースボールシャツのセットアップを使って、もう1コーデ作るとしたら? MATCHAさんに考えてもらいました。

“If the setup is black, I would put a bright color inside. If everything is black, it would seem like ‘it’s natural to be cool.’ I would use color itself to give it a different taste” says MATCHA.
PRICE: Shirt 36,000JPY, Studded Bracelet 10,500JPY


This studs will become an accent if you wear it around your wrists.


CANDY has made renovations on the 1st floor in February, and now has red floors and walls. Within the room with a strong color, it has a simple and cool atmosphere.


The location also changed, and is now at the Jinguu-mae area, which is between Sibuya and Harajuku. This brand started at Shinjyuku-nichoume 11 years ago. It has an underground sense, but the will to challenge the time and fashion has not changed.


CANDY’s charm is that all 4 staff likes different brands and music. The buyers are not the ones purchasing the items, but the staffs buy items from different brands that they like. Each staff has their own fans, and from there, an EDGY but individualistic fashion is born. MATCHA’s coordination has a lot of the street style in it, and had many points that can be used for both men and women fashion.


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FAKE Bldg.  B1F&1F
6-23-12 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo

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