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Honey Salon’s this spring’s recommended pretty-style oufit


Honey Salon is a long seller in Shinjyuku and Harajuku, and they have taught us a couple of outfits they recommend for this spring’s pretty-style fashion. What the shop staff yuka is wearing is a black set-up, making this a cool-style coordination.

新宿や原宿で長年人気を誇るHoney Salonで、この春モテるおすすめコーディネートを教えてもらいました。ショップスタッフのyukaさんが着こなしているのは、黒のセットアップがクールなコーディネートです。

At a glance, it may seem like a simple coordination, but even just by taking a look around the face, you can see that there are piercings and ribbons all over, giving it a gorgeous look.


The pierce that sway at the ears has presence due to its big size, and it looks cute. But that’s not all. If you look at it from the front, the letters “HONEY SALON” are visible on the inside. People who get it will understand; how they are being particular about these small bits get the girls’ attentions.

PRICE: Scallop hoop pierced earrings 5,000JPY

耳元で揺れるこちらのピアス、大ぶりで存在感がありかわいいですよね。実はそれだけではありません。前から見ると、内側に”HONEY SALON”の文字が見えるんです。わかる人にはわかる、そんなこだわりが女の子の心をくすぐります。

The choker that is tied around the neck in a ribbon actually comes with the top. Around the chest looks gorgeous with just the top.

The black knit camisole has sparkly strings knitted in. It’s actually in the shape of a scale! This knit sweater is designed with an image of a mermaid, and by changing the inside, you can use it for all seasons!

PRICE: Long sleeve tops with choker 7,800JPY, Mermaid knit camisole 8,800JPY



The knit skirt that comes with the knit camisole is also designed to make it look like a mermaid. The silhouette looks just like a mermaid! The skirt and the camisole can be worn as a set, or separately, and will still become a key point in the coordination, and these are currently in style right now!

PRICE: Mermaid knit skirt 11,000JPY


Spring’s refreshing monotone coordination has monotone around the feet too! They put these gorgeous sandals with see-through socks. The soles of the sandals are thick, so there isn’t much inclination, making it easier to walk in.

PRICE: Double-frilled sandal 14,500JPY


They come in various colors! This spring’s theme is, “Life is journey”. There’s even a denim ones for active girls that want to live her everyday life with excitement, as if she’s going on a trip every day!

色のバリエーションも豊富です。この春のテーマは“Life is journey”。毎日を旅行のようにワクワクして過ごしたいアクティブな女の子のために、デニム生地もあります。

There are other shoes like these that have arrived from 2017 Spring Collection! This type is very popular right now; flats with ropes that have tassels on the end. These are great for walking long distance, like when you are on a trip. The colorful tassels decorate the feet, and you can actually take these ropes off.

Spring Collectionでは他にもこんな靴が登場しています。こちらは今とっても人気なタイプで、バレリーナシューズにタッセル付きのロープがついています。こちらも、ついつい歩きすぎる旅行でも大丈夫な歩きやすい靴になっていて、カラフルなタッセルが足元を彩ります。このロープは外すこともできますよ。

Clothes with patterns are also popular at Honey Salon. This spring, they released bird patterned ones, which goes well with the “journey” theme.

柄物も人気なHoney Salon。この春は、旅というイメージにぴったりな鳥の柄が登場しています。

The denim jacket has birds that express the “journey” theme embroidered on. Pastel pink and purple items made with soft materials line up in the store, and this spring, Honey Salon is placing denim shoes and jackets along with these items. It’s actually quite popular!

デニムジャケットには、そんな旅をイメージした鳥が刺しゅうされています。パステルなピンクやパープル、やわらかい素材が多かったHoney Salonにこの春はデニムの靴やジャケットが並びます。とっても大人気だそうですよ。

This spring, you probably want to move around a lot with Honey Salon’s journey themed clothes. It’s not just cuteness; Honey Salon’s clothes are packed with particularity, and they will forever grab our attentions.

この春は毎日旅行気分にしてくれるHoney Salonのコーディネートで、アクティブに動き回りたくなりますね。かわいい、だけじゃないこだわりがぎっしりつまったHoney Salonはこの春だけでなくいつまでも私たちの心をつかんでやまないでしょう。

Editor Kasumi

Honey Salon
B2F LUMINE EST Shinjuku 3-38-1 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.
*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.


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