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Honey Salon’s this season’s theme is “Life is a journey”


Honey Salon has a little bit of kitsch within the cuteness, making it a fashion that lets you stand out a little when you are with your friends. We asked Honey Salon to show us some coordination that they recommend for spring. Wearing a refreshing light blue dress is the shop staff, yuka.

かわいいにキッチュさをプラスした、みんなとちょっと差のつくおしゃれを楽しめるHoney Salon。そんなHoney Salonのこの春おすすめコーディネートを紹介してもらいました。爽やかなライトブルーが目を引くワンピースで登場したのは、ショップスタッフのyukaさん。

She also used a pastel colored piercing, which is perfect for spring. This accessory just came out from 2017 Spring Collection.
The theme is, “Life is a journey”. There are many items that will let you feel that excitement you feel when going on a trip in your everyday life. Yuka’s rose quartz piercing has that theme, and it’s designed to represent France’s capital, Paris.

PRICE: “journey” pierced earrings 3,800JPY

耳元もパステルカラーが春らしいピアスを合わせました。こちらのアクセサリーも、2017 Spring Collectionで登場した新しいアイテムです。
テーマは“Life is journey”。日々の生活の中に旅行のようなワクワク感を持てるようなアイテムが揃っています。yukaさんが身に付けていたローズクォーツのピアスはそんなテーマに沿って、フランスの首都・パリをイメージしたもの。

They also come in various colors like white for the city of art, Melbourne, salmon pink for San Francisco’s corals, and mint green for Cuba’s beautiful sea, the Caribbean Sea. By understanding the theme behind them, the accessories will shine even more, making you want to travel around the world!


The light blue dress has cute pleats around the chest, and the short sleeves lets you show off the shoulders a bit, giving it a feminine look. The cute details shine brightly, which is common in Honey Salon’s items.

PRICE: Pleats-sleeve one-piece dress 13,000JPY

ライトブルーのワンピースは胸元のプリーツがかわいらしく、半袖だけど肩見せでちょっぴりフェミニンに。かわいらしさにこだわりのディティールが光る、Honey Salonらしいアイテムです。

These pumps have small heels, and the fringes leave a big impression. How it’s easy to walk in these shoes also goes along the “journey” theme of 2017 Spring Collection. You don’t have to worry about getting tired with these shoes when you go on a trip. It’s perfect for an active girl who has so much fun in her everyday life!

PRICE: Belt shoes 14,800JPY

フリンジが印象的なパンプスは、ヒールが低め。こんな歩きやすさも、Spring Collectionのテーマ“journey”に合わせたもの。この靴なら、ついつい歩きすぎちゃう旅先でもつかれません。旅にでなくたって、毎日ワクワクしてアクティブに動く女の子にぴったりです。

Have you noticed? These pumps have a little heart hidden on the heels! It’s pleasing to see these small details that makes a difference in times like when you take off your shoes.


Honey Salon releases many new items every season. The classics for Honey Salon are these; small pouches and tissue cases that have initials and smiley face embroideries. Every season, they release ones with different colors or fabrics, and there are even people who collect these items! How they are so particular about these small details will make you want to use these items for a long time.

毎シーズン新しいアイテムがたくさん登場するHoney Salon。そんなHoney Salonで定番のアイテムがこちら、イニシャルやスマイルが刺繍されたきんちゃくポーチとティッシュケースです。毎シーズン、生地や色味を変えて登場するこれらのアイテムはコレクターもいるほどの人気なんだとか。小物だって細かいこだわりがつまったHoney Salonのアイテムなら大事に長く使いたくなりますよね。

There are so many items that we have not covered! The pastel colors, common in Honey Salon, and the detailed designs are all so cute!

小物だけでも、紹介し切れていないものがこんなにたくさん!Honey Salonらしいパステルを中心とした色合いに、細部までこだわりぬかれたデザインがどれもたまりません。

It’s mature, but also has a loving side. Honey Salon’s items, which they are so particular about, have that kind of mature kitsch. This spring, why don’t you go on a little trip with these items?

大人な女性だけど、愛らしさもある。そんな大人キッチュが楽しめるHoney Salonのこだわりがつまったアイテムで、この春はちょっと遠出してみたいですね。

Editor Kasumi

Honey Salon
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*All prices do not include consumption tax.
*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.


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