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WALL’s unisex model, the key point is the cat motif embroidery


We asked the staff of WALL, which is located near the entrance on the first floor of Laforet Harajuku, about this spring’s unisex coordination. The model is TARO, who works at this store. The top is this spring and summer’s trend, which is a striped shirt. This fashion uses wide pants on purpose. All of this is from MIKIO SAKABE.

PRICE: Jacket 88,000JPY, Shirt 28,000JPY, Pants 42,800JPY, all by MIKIO SAKABE


We purposely selected a square-shouldered jacket with a sharp line.


The coordination is simple, but if you look closely, the jacket has an embroidery of a cat. Putting some sort of cuteness inside the coordination is the key point.
“MIKIO SAKABE has an item that uses embroidery as the motif every season. This cat is wearing an 80’s antique clothes.”


The cat series also comes in the MA1. MIKIO SAKABE is the first to create the see-through MA1. Afterwards, the see-through MA1 has always been the standard. “It’s popular because see-through materials let you have fun with layers. The people of Harajuku incorporate the see-through materials in their fashion very well.” For your information, the M size is already sold out. It originally comes in ladies’ size, but men can also fit the M size.

PRICE: Jacket (MA1) 42,800JPY by MIKIO SAKABE, Shirt  28,000JPY by Jenny Fax


With the see-through fabric, the cat embroidery gives off a different impression.


PRICE: Jacket (MA1) 42,800JPY, Shirt 23,800JPY, all by MIKIO SAKABE

Changing the inside from a shirt to a hoodie and making it a “cat on cat” coordination seems fun also.

PRICE: Parka 25,000JPY

シャツの替わりに、インナーをパーカーにして、「猫 on 猫」なコーデも楽しそうです。

By adding one item to this “sharp and sweet” coordination, you can make turn this into the latest fashion. This year’s trend is to loosely wear a long and wide belt.

PRICE: Belt 18,000JPY


The back of the jacket is split, so by purposely making the belt come out of there, you can wear the belt on top of the jacket.


The belt is this long! This length will help you wear the belt loosely. How they use the joint and the buckle is the key point.

PRICE: Belt 18,000JPY, all by MIKIO SAKABE


PRICE: Belt 18,000JPY

There are other attractive items for this season at WALL. This year’s MIKIO SAKABE’s special feature is that it mixes fashions from different times.


Wearing men’s clothes sharply and adding a sweet item to the fashion; we should definitely refer to this!


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