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This is Miku-nyan, who has worked at the LIZ LIZA SHIBUYA109 store for eight years. She will tell us about the pretty-style outfit, using LIZ LIZA’s number one popular item, One-piece dress. “LIZ LIZA’s basic style is the high-waisted One-piece dress. By using this outfit, I will introduce to you some pretty-style fashion”.

PRICE: Dress 9,800JPY, Shoes 9,200JPY

こちら、8年間もLIZ LISAのスタッフをしているという、SHIBUYA109店のみくにゃんさん。LIZ LISAの人気ナンバーワンのアイテムである、ワンピースでモテコーデを紹介してくれることになりました。「LIZ LISAの基本といえば、ハイウエストのワンピです。これを着こなしながら、モテコーデをご紹介します」

The main point for this One-piece dress is this; by showing off parts of the shoulders, which is a recent trend. It creates a fluffy, soft silhouette.


LIZ LIZA’s basic style; the high-waist portion, has frills and laces, giving off a sweet impression. It has the same design as the sleeves.

LIZ LISAの基本、ハイウエスト部分は、フリルとレースで甘めに。袖口とお揃いのデザインになっています。

The necklace goes well with the rose pattern on the dress, and is a rose corsage motif.

PRICE: Necklace 2,700JPY


The main One-piece dress is a sweet style, so for the shoes, we should have something that is not as sweet. The sole has quilting, and the heels are this year’s trend, chunky heels. The second ribbon can be taken off, so you can arrange it, depending on your mood.

PRICE: Shoes 9,200JPY


The bag is somewhat big, and not too sweet. It can be used in two different ways; as a hand bag or as a shoulder bag.

PRICE: Bag 8,700JPY


There’s also tops with the same rose pattern. The big ribbon is more like an item that appeals to girls. Many people wear it as a Twins style, or when they go to a concert or Disney with just girls.

PRICE: Tops 7,400JPY


If you want to turn this fashion into something that appeals to guys, you should wear this! “These kinds of sweet style One-piece dresses are originally meant for a style appealing to girls. If you want to turn this into a fashion that appeals to guys, you have to somehow tone it down. The best way would be to wear “a white cardigan”. It gives it a gentler and soft impression”.

PRICE: Long Cardigan 6,400JPY


Sweaters are important item. “Sweaters are the most basic pretty-style item. It never fails to wear a sweater and a short skirt together, whether its spring or winter. For example, we call these kinds of sweaters, ‘pretty-style sweaters’”. This combination of sweaters and the frills and pearls around the neck emphasizes the gentle impression that it creates.

PRICE: Sweater 6,900JPY


Also, the shoulders for this sweater has laces, showing off parts of the skin. It’s trendy, and can be used in a pretty-style fashion. It’s a must have item!


Also, the coordinate that this mannequin is wearing is popular by customers are couples. Let’s note that these coordinate that has sweaters with calm colors such as white for their basic color is another type of sweet-style fashion.



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