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Mikipon, staff at LIZ LIZA recommended this for the pretty-style fashion! This coordinate’s main point is the LIZ LIZA’s latest original print bottoms. According to Mikipon, “the bottom half has flairs and looks cute, so I styled it with the simple top”.

PRICE: Sweater 6,900JPY, Skirt Pants 6,900JPY, Shoes 9,200JPY,

LIZ LISA のスタッフ・みきぽんさんがおすすめするモテコーデはこちら!新作でLIZ LISA らしい、オリジナルプリントのボトムスをメインにしたコーデです。「下がフレアでかわいいので、トップスはシンプルにまとめてみました。」と、みきぽんさん。

The print is LIZ LIZA’s original “flower letter” print. LIZ LIZA introduces two to three original patters per month, which is loved by many fans.

プリントは、「フラワーレター柄」というLIZ LISA オリジナルの柄。LIZ LISAでは、こうしたオリジナルの柄が、月に2〜3種類ほど発表され、ファンに愛されているそうです。

The clothes come in variety of girly, pastel colors. This may look like a skirt at a glance, but it’s actually a skirt-pants! Even if the length is short, you can still actively move around, so you don’t have to worry about anything and enjoy your date!

PRICE: Skirt Pants 6,900JPY


There’s also a One-piece dress, which is the most popular type of clothes sold at LIZ LIZA, that comes in the same pattern.

PRICE: Dress 9,800JPY

同じ柄のワンピースも。LIZ LISAでは、やはり一番人気はワンピース。

The main point for choosing this top is the choker-like design and the transparent fabric around the chest. The scallop line gives off a feminine impression, and plays a part in the pretty-style coordination.


She recommended the variations in the color light pink. But the white looks more transparent than the pink one. Also, according to Mikipon, “Pure white has a clean image, and leaves a good impression. Using the color white is recommended when you’re planning to go on a date”. You can say that white is a must item in a pretty-style fashion.

PRICE: Sweater 6,900JPY



For the shoes, they have the latest pumps with many frills. It’s called, “Many Ribbon Pumps”. You should wear white, which is essential in a pretty-style fashion, around the feet.

PRICE:  Shoes 9,200JPY


This heel may look pretty high at first glance, but it has cushions inside, so it is easy to walk around in. Also, the back of the heels has ribbons lace-ups, which is also an important point.

PRICE:  Shoes 9,200JPY


This is the bag that they put with the outfit. LIZ LIZA’s secret for its popularity is how they have researched the practicability of the bag. This bag can be used as a hand bag, shoulder bag, and a backpack. Mikipon said that “customers tell them that they want to hold their bags in different ways, so LIZ LIZA make their bags that can be changed into two or three different styles”.

PRICE: Bag 7,800JPY

合わせてみたバッグがこちら。そして、LIZ LISAといえば、バッグの実用性を追究をしているのが、ファンの人気の秘密。こちらのバッグは、手持ち、肩掛け、そしてリュックサックの3ウェイで使えます。「お客様から、いろんな持ち方をしたい、という声をいただくので、LIZ LISAでは、バッグは2ウェイや3ウェイにできるように作っています」とみきぽんさん。

There are hints of spring in the store. Mikipon says that “it’s spring, so if you want to wear a flower pattern clothes, it’s best to wear a white cardigan. If you’re aiming for a pretty-style fashion, blue or yellow will be a good color”.


Let’s enjoy spring by incorporating these tips!


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