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Kawaii Summit in TOKYO 2017!!!



The very first Kawaii summit was held on February 24th. The MC of Kawaii International, Misha, Melody, the 3rd Kawaii Leaders Kazumi, Kacey, and Beckii who have visited Japan, and the students of Aoyama Gakuin University had presentations and discussion. These discussions were focused on “what is Kawaii”, and it will be aired on April first on NHK WORLD TV Kawai iinternational. For more information, stay tuned for the program!
Before that, we would like to introduce you a little bit about the event.

初のKawaii summitが2月24日に開かれました。Kawaii InternationalのMCのMisha、Melody、来日した第3期Kawaii LeaderのKazumi, Kacey, Beckiiと青山学院大学の学生たちとでKawaiiとは?をテーマにトークが繰り広げられました。この様子は4月1日のNHKWORLD TV Kawaii Internationalで放送されます。詳しくは番組をお楽しみに!その前にイベントの様子を少しご紹介します。

First, each of the three leaders had a presentation about their activities which followed by discussion about the topic based on a question of “What is Kawaii?”

リーダー3名にまずそれぞれの活動についてプレゼンしていただき、その後、「What is Kawaii?」について語られました。

KAZUMI, who is from Bolivia and likes the Decora fashion gave the first presentation. She introduced us how the Harajuku walk is like in Bolivia, South America, and about the fashion community called “Rainbow Harajuku”.

南米ボリビアでのHarajuku walkの様子、ファッションコミュニティー「Rainbow Harajuku」などを紹介してくれました。

Next was Beckii. She is from a little island called Isle of Man, UK. She told us about her activities on YouTube and NHK WORLD’s DOMOBICS.


Lastly Kacey, who has been studying fashion in the Parsons School of Design, showed us the clothes that she has designed.


After the presentations, they talked about our own thoughts on the topic, “What is Kawaii?”. There were couple of questions from students from Aoyama Gakuin University to the leaders answered questions which discussed the future of “Kawaii”. There will be more about the summit on air on 1st April, 2017 on Kawaii International! Stay tuned!

この模様は2017年4月1日放送のKawaii Internationalで紹介しますよ!お楽しみに。


Kawaii International
Episode #58 Kawaii Summit in Tokyo

[UTC] April 1 Sat. 2017 4:10/11:10/16:10/22:10
[JST] April 1 Sat. 13:10/20:10、April 2 Sun. 01:10/07:10

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