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Ank Rouge has all the cuteness that all girls dream of. This spring, Ank Rouge will introduce to you the fashion that is popular to both guys and girls!
The first coordinate is a white dress with an eye catching strawberry motif, worn by miwa, a shop staff at SHIBUYA109.

女の子が永遠にあこがれるかわいさがつまっているAnk Rougeから、この春、女の子からも男の子からもモテるファッションをご紹介します。

The dress that will be released this spring has a clean cut, white strawberry embroidery. The cotton dress and the embroidery may look a bit childish design at a glance. But letting the shoulders out and using the strawberry pattern makes it more mature and popular outfit, especially now that embroidery is in style. It perfectly incorporates the trendy items.

PRICE: Strawberry One-piece dress 8,900JPY (3月中旬発売予定、一部店舗先行発売中)


There are also fruit motifs on the sandals! The white and black gingham check background makes the red cherry stand out. By using white and black as the main colors and putting red as an accent, it makes the cute items not too sweet, giving it the cuteness that’s trendy!

PRICE: Cherry blossom Sandal 9,800JPY(3月上旬発売予定、一部店舗先行発売中)


This time the style changed! The red, long One-piece dress gives us a great impression!


The hat has letters written across, and the simple ribbon gives off a cute design. The bright red cute One-piece dress and the simply designed hat is the key to create a well balanced coordinate.

PRICE: Hat 4,900JPY(3月上旬発売予定)


By lengthening the skirt, the bright red gingham check One-piece dress doesn’t look too childish and gives it a composed look. With this, the fashion that is loved and perfect for spring is complete.

PRICE: One-piece dress 8,300JPY(3月上旬発売予定)


This also has embroidery at the breasts. The golden “Lolita” embroidery compliments the girly lok. Embroidery, which was also introduced at the first coordinate, is the accent created by Ank Rouge, famous for its girlie cuteness.

こちらも胸元に刺しゅうがあります。金の”Lolita”と書かれた刺しゅうは、控えめに女の子らしさを主張してくれます。一つ目のコーディネートでも登場した刺しゅうは、ガーリーなかわいさが魅力のAnk Rougeのアクセントになっています。

What puts together this girlie coordinate is this enamel sandal. The sweet and romantic style is Ank Rouge’s charm, which recently is even used in coquettish items such as this.

PRICE: Enamel Sandal 9,800JPY

少女のようなコーディネートをきゅっと引き締めてくれているのが、このエナメルのサンダルです。スイートでロマンティックなスタイルが魅力のAnk Rougeには、最近こんなコケティッシュなアイテムも並んでいます。

The enamel sandal comes in 3 different colors; the sophisticated smoky pink, girlie white, and adult black, which miwa wore for us. Which one is your favorite?


Ank Rouge has a lot of items that come in those three colors. By putting these colors together, the fashion becomes cute or cool, and will quickly be under the Ark Rouge’ s spell.

Ank Rougeはこの3色を中心に様々なアイテムが並びます。この3色を組み合わせると、かわいくもかっこよくもなれる、Ank Rougeの魔法が一瞬でかかります。

Cute and girlie, but that is not all. The fresh and sophisticated look, created by the Ank Rouge style is the secret to the loving, pretty-style fashion.

かわいくって女の子らしくて、でもそれだけじゃない。爽やかさや品が備わった、そんな奥深い魅力がAnk Rouge流の愛されモテファッションの秘けつなのでしょう。


Editor Kasumi

Ank Rouge
6F Shibuya 109 2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


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