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Many of ROYAL PARTY clothes have simple design and a beautiful silhouette. Pretty-style outfits also emphasise the figure. The main focus of the outfit the coat which is a new spring collection. This coat has a beautiful line and makes a beautiful silhouette just by standing up normally.

PRICE: Trench Coat 11,000JPY, Dress 8,900JPY, Earrings 2,500JPY, Shoes 9,900JPY

シンプルで、ラインの形がきれいなものが多いというROYAL PARTY。モテコーデも、ライン使いを大切にします。こちらのコーデは、春の新作コートをメインにしたもの。このコートはとにかくラインがきれい。普通に立っているだけで、きれいなシルエットを作ってくれます。

The belt for the coat is tied behind the back in a ribbon form to tighten the waistline. Also has the pocket at the back to be a feature of the coat.


You can also wear it for work if you carry with a bigger bag.


The button-less front can be altered by tying a ribbon and arranging it to look feminine.


The dress worn inside is also new from the new collection. There are gem stones around the neck, so feminine style is shown without the necklace. The scalloped sleeves also make it look feminine.

PRICE: Dress 8,900JPY, Earrings 2,500JPY


The necklace can be also removed to make the neckline refined. Putting on a different necklace can also change the look of the outfit.


The shop has sweater with spring color and items that shows pretty-style. According to the shop staff Rina, “(I think) it’s important to put white and other pale colors in the coordinate. These colors are easy to incorporate, and creates a soft image. Avoid using vivid colors like black, and use pale colors for coordination”. It’s true; pale colors do suggest a soft image.


Using a pale color item that is simple, but has a beautiful figure: definitely want to know as a secret of the pretty-style outfit!



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1F SHIBUYA109  2-29-1
Dogenzaka Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


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