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This is one of the attractive coordinate that the ROYAL PARTY presents this spring. The new-released voluminous shirtdress is the main part of this coordinate. The staff of the store, Rina, says as a main point of this coordinate that “the front and back of the shirtdress’ length is asymmetrical which creates a feminine silhouette. The belt on the waist can be tied in a ribbon shape and it can also create a feminine look.

PRICE: Shirt Dress 8,900JPY, Bag 7,900JPY, Shoes 9,900JPY, Earrings 2,500JPY

ROYAL PARTYが提案する、この春のモテコーデのひとつがこちら。新作のボリュームシャツワンピをメインにしたコーデです。「シャツワンピの丈が、前と後ろで長さがアシメトリーになっていて、女性らしいシルエットになっているのがポイントです」と、ショップスタッフの、りなさん。ウエストのベルトがリボン結びになるのも、女性らしいモテコーデ要素のひとつ。

She coordinated with rather a smaller bag. Because the main One-piece dress is white, she decided to add color to it. This bag is a new item! They also have it in navy blue color.

PRICE: Bag 7,900JPY


This accessory is one of the new items of this spring collection. The earrings remind us of a petal or butterflies which matches with the shirtdress. How the earrings swing makes us feel of spring, and the Japanese-ness and the delicateness are also the points that they want to accentuate! They offer it in yellow, blue, and red.

PRICE: Earrings 2,500JPY



For the shoes, they coordinated one with a denim material. Because it is a rather narrower design, it makes your legs look slimmer.

PRICE: Shoes 9,900JPY


You can also coordinate with mules. It is also the new arrival of this spring. The heel of the mule is transparent and it helps to lighten up the bottom half of the coordinate.

PRICE: Mules 12,000JPY


This is another version of the shirtdress from the top. If the former coordinate was created to make it look attractive for boys, this is meant to look attractive to girls. You can instantly make it have an active and casual image by leaving the front button open and by pairing it with denim jeans. You can enjoy two different ways of coordinate like this, and that’s a plus!

PRICE: Shirt Dress 8,900JPY, Shirt (Pink) 5,900, Denim Pants 7,900JPY, Shoes 9,900JPY, Earrings 2,500JPY,


This new item for spring can also be worn in both ways – by buttoning front, or the back. Its soft silhouette is popular amongst its customers already! It gives us inspiration to pair this spring’s popular items in many ways, doesn’t it?



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