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Special Prize – Kawaii.i Fashion Contest 2016



Collaboration project with Kawaii.i and Kawaii InternationalKawaii.i Fashion Contest 2016 Harajuku Wonderland
Entry: September 16 –November 31, 2016
Result Announcement: December 24, 2016

Thank you very much for everyone who entered Kawaii.i Fashion Contest 2016, Harajuku Wonderland. Because of your contribution we reached 230 applications from around the world.
This Contest held by Kawaii.i have set Kawaii Leader Prize as well as Special Prize.

Kawaii Leaderを決めるコンテスト「Kawaii.i Fashion Contest 2016 ~Harajuku Wonderland」にたくさんの方に応募・投票いただきありがとうございました。世界中から230名の方にご応募いただきました。



The winners of Special Prize were selected by the brand producer or designers from abilletage, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Galaxxxy, and PUNYUS.
Thank you for corporation for Kawaii.i contest.



*2 people have won the abilletage Prize



According to the designer, Bias have worn something simple, but also slight transparent material makes her style dressy. The pale color of her clothes, looks like she is one of the fairies from the forest and has close view to the abilletage brand image. Also how Bias have interpreted well to show the theme of the contest, “Harajuku Wonderland.”




Vanillasyndrome has shown the cute Harajuku street and chaotic style. She created a good balance with background of some graffiti and her fashion style. It’s different from usual abilletage style, but the brand designer wants her to try wearing a abilletage clothing with different from their brand image.





We really liked the elegant coordinate where you matched the bonnet with “the labyrinth print inside the mirror of your memory” jumper skirt together.
The laced sleeve pins as well as floral bag with the shoes and accessories were well coordinated together.
Also your background set up was greenery so we thought that you thought through about the situation and brought your coordinate to life. You look like the main character that popped out from a book and we really thought it was beautiful!





We felt her unique personality through her photo edit.
Also YUYU’s anime character-like impression made us think that she is fit for the world of galaxxxy. We also chose her since we thought that she would wear galaxxxy’s item well and creatively.




Mathilda (France/Japan 

We sensed her fashionability through her unique combination of items like the vibrant leopard print tights, leopard print boots and fur jacket.
We think that she will wear PUNYUS items very well!



Congratulations to all the winners! From the entries of this contest, we have been seeing many good contestants; however they have been lacking some of the information, such as SNS and how to spread Kawaii culture, so please be careful next time. We would like to seek for Kawaii Leader from these contests in the future, which preferably wants to see the ability of communication.


 The prizes on this contest has also Special prizes too! There will be another report on Special prize winner, so check out who won which prizes! Kawaii.i will keep on having contests in the future, so there will be more chance for you to submit your creative styling in the future contest! We are looking forward to your future entry on our next contest.



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