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Kawaii Leader Prize – Kawaii.i Fashion Contest 2016



Thank you very much for everyone who entered Kawaii.i Fashion Contest 2016, Harajuku Wonderland*. Because of your contribution we reached 230 applications from around the world.
Let us introduce the new Kawaii Leader prize winners!

Kawaii Leaderを決めるコンテスト「Kawaii.i Fashion Contest 2016 ~Harajuku Wonderland」にたくさんの方に応募・投票いただきありがとうございました。世界中から230名の方にご応募いただきました。






She is currently living in Japan. The judge of the contest and MC of “Kawaii International” TV program, Misha has mentioned, Katie has been spreading Kawaii in Japan, and also showing Japanese people around that there is this segment of people who really love kawaii culture and they didn’t grow up with. Katie was contributing not only on contributing spreading Kawaii culture, but also have contributed to “Kawaii International” TV program in the past. Katie’s passion towards Kawaii culture has become very convincing strongly each days and we hope Katie to continuously aim for more.



Kelly Eden(USA)

Kelly has mentioned her love and passion towards Kawaii culture on the questionnaire. This makes the interesting mix since, her appearance has mature look. With the photo that Kelly have sent for the contest, she has proved that it’s possible to wear kawaii fashion even as an adult, a mature woman. We hope Kelly will be able to break walls that people encounter when they turn certain age and age is the reason that they stopped wearing Kawaii fashion.




The photo she had entered for this contest has been thought very well, with layout and concept of the styling. Namiko has won with the most vote of the photos. Namiko is very passionate to present Kawaii culture through her SNS in Finnish.




YUYU has showed what the judge of the contest Misha Janette mentioned, “anything goes” type of style with Harajuku. The way YUYU have described about her style and Kawaii has reflected very well with her style.



Congratulations to all the winners! From the entries of this contest, we have been seeing many good contestants; however they have been lacking some of the information, such as SNS and how to spread Kawaii culture, so please be careful next time. We would like to seek for Kawaii Leader from these contests in the future, which preferably wants to see the ability of communication.

*We were announcing in the beginning that there will be 3 Kawaii Leaders, however since there were many very good candidates that one extra Kawaii Leader have selected.

 The prizes on this contest has also Special prizes too! There will be another report on Special prize winner, so check out who won which prizes! Kawaii.i will keep on having contests in the future, so there will be more chance for you to submit your creative styling in the future contest! We are looking forward to your future entry on our next contest.





* Kawaii.i Fashion Contest 2016, Harajuku Wonderland

Collaboration project with Kawaii.i and Kawaii InternationalKawaii.i Fashion Contest 2016 Harajuku Wonderland
Entry: September 16 –November 31, 2016
Result Announcement: December 24, 2016

Kawaii.i holds the contest to search for future Kawaii Leader. The winner of our prize for Kawaii.i Fashion Contest Harajuku Wonderland, Kawaii Leader prize, is the prize to become Kawaii Leader. The Kawaii Leaders are the group of people who contribute on spreading and influencing on Kawaii culture. As many of you know, Kawaii Leader is a influencer of Kawaii. It is not only fashion style, but also the ability to express with words, ability to convey messages on SNS, or being a leader of the community is also one of the requirements. Unlike the other contest that Kawaii.i held in the past, Kawaii.i Fashion Contest Harajuku Wonderland contest is the contest to choose the Kawaii Leader directly.

Kawaii.iは、未来のカワイイリーダーを選ぶコンテストを毎年行っています。Kawaii Leader賞に選ばれた方々はカワイイカルチャーを世界中に発信する素晴らしい方々です。Kawaii.iも、さらにカワイイ文化を広めていくため、カワイイリーダーのみなさんと活動を共にしていきたいと思います。Kawaiiリーダーはファッションスタイルのみでなく、言葉や写真での表現力、SNSでの発信力、コミュニティ運営等の活動力等を総括して選考していきます。


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