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Aymmy in the batty girls


“Aymmy in the batty girls” is a brand that is very popular with their unique and cute fashion. It was created by the designer Ayumi Seto. Unlike other brands, she releases new collection for every season; 4 times in a year. This time, I went to the 2016-2017 Winter exhibit!
Ayumi herself taught me this season’s theme as well as her recommended outfit.

個性的でキュートなファッションが絶大な支持を得ている瀬戸あゆみさんがデザイナーを務めるブランド、「Aymmy in the batty girls」。
他ブランドとは異なり春夏秋冬と、1年に4回コレクションを発表しているのも特徴です。今回は2016-2017 Winterの展示会にお邪魔してきました。瀬戸さん自ら、今シーズンのテーマや、イチ押しのお洋服を教えてくれましたよ!


The brand concept is what Ayumi imagines, “the California girl, Aymmy’s lifestyle and her fashion” would be like. Every season, the theme and the story changes, so it keeps us on our toes!


This season’s theme is “GIRL EVERYONE LOVES” and the main character is ‘Veronica’, a popular and a glamorous girl.

今シーズンのテーマは「GIRL EVERYONE LOVES」で、主役は、THE AYMMYSの中で一番のセレブで、モテモテな女の子、“ヴェロニカ(Veronica)”。

She looks cute so she is loved but her self confidence and conceited personality adds a bit of a spice to her character. It is a collection that is filled with the Veronica’s bit devilish personality.


There are little details in the clothes that would make you think about Veronica.



Like on this mitten, there’s patch of the love letter. Ayumi was inspired by the love letters that Veronica would get on Christmas and on Valentines.



This leopard design long cardigan is a very Veronica style. The pink stitching on the back is cute too!




What Ayumi recommends is this One piece dress. It’s unique since it has both Western style as well as soft wintery color. Also it is high waist style with thinner pleated skirt, so it would make your legs look slimmer.

Other than the clothes that were introduced here, there are repeated patterned items that’s very Aymmy style that you cannot every season. Addition to that, there are collaborated items too! The Winter Collection will be in stores from this November. I can barely wait!


今回紹介したお洋服の他にも、毎シーズン見逃せないAymmyらしい総柄アイテムや、コラボアイテムも発表されます。Winter Collectionは、今年11月から店頭に並ぶのだそう。今から待ちきれませんね!



Aymmy in the batty girls



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