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The trendy long armed style is available in MA-1! This is the coordinate that utilizes the jacket. She paired it with the denim trapezoid skirt that is very much this year’s style.

PRICE: Long Arm MA-1 Jacket 15,120JPY, Pop-Corn-Tops 5,400JPY,Denim Skirt 6,980JPY, Rose Belt 3,240JPY





They also have it it different color which is light pink. This long armed pink MA-1 jacket is a reliable item where you can incorporate trend into your coordinate in a cute way.



For the innerwear, she wore the popcorn tops which is one of the popular items of Vannie TOKYO. She paired this with the denim trapezoid skirt. The front part of the skirt is a button down and it’s this year’s trend.

PRICE: Pop-Corn-Tops 5,400JPY,Denim Skirt 6,980JPY,

インナーは、Vannie TOKYO話題のアイテム、ポップコーントップスを、台形デニムスカートに合わせて。スカートのフロント部分がボタンダウンなのも、今年らしいですね。


This popcorn pattered innerwear got its attention amongst second hand shops. What you see at the second hand shops are mostly printed and ashy dull color but in Vannie TOKYO, you can find items with cleared colors which was just released for the fall and winter collection, The white one was very popular that it sold out very quickly.

古着屋さんの間で人気に火がついたこのポップコーンパターン。古着で見かけるものは、柄物や渋い色のものが多いですが、Vannie TOKYO では、キレイ色のアイテムを秋冬新作でラインアップ。大人気の白は、発売後すぐに完売しました。


She used the rose belt which is one of the popular items from Vannie TOKYO. This belt comes in hand since you can bring together any baggy pants. It is made out from elastic material, so if you match it with the oversized denim, the whole coordinate will look put together.

PRICE: Rose Belt 3,240JPY

ベルトは、Vannie TOKYOの大人気の定番アイテム、ローズベルトを使用。だぼっとしたパンツでも、かわいくまとめられる、すぐれもののベルト。ゴムなので使いやすく、ゆるめのデニムに合わせると、コーデ全体が引き締まります。



The tip here is to match the trendy sneaker with the socks.

PRICE: Sneaker and Socks are privately owned by Rinrin



The interior is inspired by the pink church so there are many pink items in the shop. And what’s most popular is….



The long armed jacket which the sleeves are pink and knitted! This is the latest item for the fall and winter. Also this is a unisex item, so both men and women can wear it.

PRICE: Knitted Long Arm Jacket 23,760JPY



There are many bags that are perfect for the fall.

PRICE:Bag (Left:19,800 Right:23,500)JPY



I found something cute in the big T-shirt made in unisex style. It looks like with will match the the long armed innerwear too!

PRICE: Cat T-Shirt 8,800JPY



Vannie TOKYO is a unisex brand where both men and women could enjoy fashion. Maybe you can find coordinate tips from this shop!

ユニセックスブランドとして、男女共に楽しめる、Vannie TOKYO。新しいコーデのヒントもみつかりそうです。

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Vannie TOKYO
B1F Laforet Harajuku
1-11-6 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


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