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Kawaii.i Fashion Contest 2016



Greetings to everyone! It’s finally the time of the year for Kawaii.i Fashion Contest 2016. The theme of the contest is “Harajuku Wonderland”. Please send us a photo of the theme you come up with. The style you can try with the theme could be various! It could be fairy, decora, lolita, or many others! Think about how you can stylize with possibilities you can think as Harajuku style and send us the one that represents you!

There are some changes as to how to select our winners, so be sure to check the later parts of the report too!

Entry:The entry for the contest is closed.
September 16 – November 16, 2016
7:00 [UTC] / 16:00 [JST]

Vote:Thank you for voting!
November 16 – November 30, 2016
7:00 [UTC] / 16:00 [JST] 

Results Announcement:
December 24, 2016
*UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), JST (Japan Standard Time)





3 Kawaii Leaders will be selected as a Prize. Kawaii Leaders who are selected through the contest will have a chance to be on the TV program “Kawaii International” or events related to Kawaii.i.


KAWAII LEADERS from here that has been selected so far


The judge of the contest is fashion blogger and MC of NHK WORLD’s TV program “Kawaii International”, Misha Janette, and also Aomoji-kei twins model AMIAYA!!


Misha Janette







The winner of Special Prize will be selected by the brand producer or designers.

galaxxxy_prize_title punyus_prize_title abilletage_prize_title baby_prize_title





This contest is held by Kawaii.i ( Kawaii.i spreads all kinds of Kawaii information, and Kawaii culture from Tokyo to the world, and also aims to help people all over the world achieve their dreams through Kawaii.

Who we are searching is the Kawaii Leader. Kawaii Leaders are people who will promote our Kawaii.i website and, will help participate by featuring in our projects. Some of Kawaii Leaders were invited to Tokyo and participated as models at fashion shows in Harajuku. Also they were featured in famous magazines, and realized their dreams to be apprentices of designers. These were broadcasted in NHK WORLD’s program, “Kawaii International” in 150 countries.

Kawaii Leader should of course like Kawaii, but also need an expression ability as a influencer, and communication ability.

The 3 winners of Kawaii Leader prize will be selected as Kawaii Leaders.




Kawaii Leader Prize selected 3 Kawaii Leaders for 2016. Each Kawaii Leader will be selected by each one of the judges or method written below.

◆Misha Janette(MC of “Kawaii International”)

◆AMIAYA as a guest judge

◆Number of vote during the contest.



The winner of Special Prize will be selected by the brand producer or designers.

*Please note that the winner of Special Prize would not be selected as a Kawaii Leader.




  1.  Like “Kawaii.i”on Facebook(@KawaiiiOfficial).
  2. Post 1 full-length photo.

    Take a photo wearing your idea of “Harajuku Wonderland.”
    The photo should be full-length.

  3. Tell us about yourself.

    Answer the questions on the application form.
    *You will be judged on your writing ability as well as your fashion taste.

 Each applicants may submit only one entry.



  1. Please note that the photos you submitted and your words might be shown on Kawaii.i or Kawaii International. Also, both organization that officially approve, might use them in events, broadcasts, and seminars.
  2. The submitted photos whether it was taken by you or different person, we will only use for purposes listed in 1. Do not submit photo that is not under your copyrights and belongs to group or professional camera man. We will not take any responsibilities regarding to copyright issues.
  3. The prizes given will be one size. We cannot take requests regarding about different sizes so please be aware.
  4. The e-mail addresses that were submitted to us will be registered for Kawaii.i mail magazine. The mail magazine will let you know the latest information about contest, prizes and so on.
  5. When you submit your entry to this contest, we will regard that you have agreed to the 1-4 precautions above and official rules.




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