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Les filles de Marie Antoinette


The concept of this brand is unique since it is, “What if Marie Antoinette was reborn in the current day Harajuku…?”. And based on this concept, Junichi Hakamaki directs and held the art project called “Les filles de Marie Antoinette”.

I will tell you more in detail about the amazing reception party held in LaForet Harajuku on the other day.

「もしもマリー アントワネットが現在の原宿に生まれ変わったら…」というユニークなコンセプトのもと、デザイナーの袴着淳一(はかまき じゅんいち)さんがディレクションするアートプロジェクト、『Les filles de Marie Antoinette / マリー アントワネットの娘達』。



Junichi is an artist that is active overseas and designs based on his unique perspective. He mixed the Lolita fashion that is popular all over the world, and European art as well as its fashion together. He expressed the evolution of the previous image and added new fashion style to the Japanese pop culture.

Princess denim was created in Kojima, Okayama prefecture and is known as being the mecca of denim. All the stitching is done in the factory of Kyushu area. This All Made in Japan item is produced in high quality and precision so that it would reveal the intricate design.


デニムのメッカである岡山県児島にて開発されたプリンセスデニムや、すべての縫製工程を九州にて行い、生産された精度と品質の高いAll Made in Japanのお洋服は、繊細なデザインとかもし出す貴賓が魅力です。


This styling is all coordinated in black and it gives a devilish impression when you match it with mini skirt and printed tights. You can definitely feel the Japanese pop culture since there is a Godzilla figurine on top of the head.



In this outfit, she wears a cute pannier with fluffy silhouette as well as voluminous flower and leaves styled by flower artists. You can definitely feel like you are in the world of Marie Antoinette! It’s an irresistible style for girly girls!




The unique hairstyle of “Les filles de Marie Antoinette” is getting attention too! From dolls to Ultraman to birds and pasta! These hairstyling by Junichi expresses well his image towards Japan and its culture. It’s exciting just to look at it!


Each coordinate gives a totally different impression and “Les filles de Marie Antoinette” captures the cute essence and allures you into a unique world. This styling is cute but somewhat strangely unique that will draw your attention! I can’t keep my eyes off from what they are going to be doing next!


Editor Ayano

The art project “Les filles de Marie Antoinette”

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