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At the event of PUNYUS autumn and winter collection, I went to go check out the latest item and got to meet Naomi Watanabe! Naomi says, “PUNYUS is a brand that is not restricted by one style but is for all girls that likes fashion, so there are no concept or themes”. Naomi looks at all the designs of clothes, tries them on and produces it. What she’s wearing is from “Hybrid Street” series and it is a collaborated item with Garfield!

PRICE: Denim Top 5,990JPY, Denim Pants 5,990JPY   © Paws. All Rights Reserved.



“Hybrid Street” is “a series that incorporates the current silhouette with the 70’s 80’s details for the design”. Pii-chan, the shop manager of Shibuya 109 wore the set up items that’s in pastel pink.

PRICE: Denim Jacket 7,990, Denim Skirt 4,990JPY



There is a retro pinup for the back and patchwork arranged in pop style.



“Kaki and Kaki (Oyster and Persimmon in Japanese)” is one of the recommended items for this fall. And I had Naomi hold the long T-shirt of Kaki (Oyster). Naomi loves yummy food so for every season, she incorporates foods that are in season into her design.

PRICE: Oyster -Kaki- Sweat Shirt 4,990JPY,



There’s also socks too, for Kaki (Oyster) items.

PRICE: Oyster -Kaki- Socks 990JPY



For the food sample accessories, there’s lemon! A perfect match with oyster.

PRICE: Accessories 834JPY~



This is the coordinate from “Kaki (Oyster) series”! It’s the latest item from autumn collection. “In PUNYUS there’s a preconception where there’s a lot of items that stands out but actually there are basic coordinates like this! So there are items for people that likes casual style too”, says Pii-chan, the shop manager of Shibuya 109 shop. I will tell you where the oyster is hiding…

PRICE: Long T-Shirt 2,990JPY, Denim Wide Pants 5,990JPY, Cap 1,990JPY



First is the cap. There’s a stitching of lemon and oyster on the cap. This uniqueness is very much a PUNYUS style.

PRICE: Cap 1,990JPY



For the chest area of the long T-shirt, there is a mouse that is running by, holding an oyster and a lemon! This is an original character of PUNYUS called “Itadaki-Mouse” that carries foods that are in season. Naomi was doodling on a sketchbook saying, “wouldn’t it be fun if the mouse carried and brought yummy things?” and later the PUNYUS designer made it into an illustration.



There is a striped border T-shirt in different color.

PRICE: Long T-Shirt 2,990JPY,



Actually she incorporated 2 foods that are in season, “Kaki and Kaki (Oyster and Persimmon in Japanese)”. So there’s “Itadaki-Mouse” that is holding onto persimmon. As in season items for this fall, there are illustrations of sweet potato and Udon noodles for their series.



“Itadaki-Mouse” carries items of each season. It is unique and very PUNYUS that there is this type of character in a simple T-shirt. On the banana there’s chocolate syrup and for the strawberry there is condensed milk, so you can immediately eat it!




For the simple tops, pair it with the wide denim that is currently trending. The point for this item is that the ends of the pants are in rough-hewn state. It is an item where you can wear casually and also stylishly.

Price: Denim Wide Pants 5,990JPY, Cap 1,990JPY



Although it is a basic white, there are many color variations. And the characteristic of this brand is its wide range of sizes. Also, all the items were approved by Naomi. If Naomi doesn’t approve, it wouldn’t be released. Even though it is a bigger sized clothes, it is carefully created so that feminine lines would look good.



At the meet and greet who purchased item from the brand, sometimes there are some fans that thank and cry by saying “because Naomi started PUNYUS I was able to wear clothes.” I asked Naomi why she started the brand. “Before, the clothes for curvy girls were thought that ‘it should just be bigger’ but that’s not true. There were just bigger sizes and many of them didn’t really considered about how they would look and the details. There were times for me where I had to wear men’s clothes. I love clothes and I want to enjoy fashion. And I thought that if you can become creative with the clothes you can look nice even if you are curvy. So that is how I created PUNYUS.” When Naomi tries on the clothes she carefully checks some points that curvy girls take in consideration like, you want the arms to look slimmer, and in between the buttons should not be open. “Just because they are curvy, there are many people that are shy and tends to hide their body. But you shouldn’t hide it! Show your feminine body line and the arm’s roundness! I think like that so I design the clothes one by one.” And this message is not only for curvy girls but is for all the girls.

購入者向けの握手会では「直美さんがプニュズをはじめてくれたおかげで、服が着れた!」と涙を流して感謝するファンもいるとか。ブランドをスタートさせた経緯を渡辺な直美さんに聞いてみました。「ぽっちゃりしている人のためのお洋服は、長らく ‘とにかく大きければいい’  と、サイズがただ大きいだけで、シルエットや見え方などのディテールに配慮される服がほとんどありませんでした。私自身も、無理矢理メンズを着るしかない時期もありました。私もお洋服が好きだし、オシャレがしたい。そしてぽっちゃりしている人も、服を工夫すればきれいに見せることができると思って、プニュズを作りました」と語ってくれました。渡辺さんは、試着の際には、ぽっちゃりさんならではの悩み、ボタンのスキマが開かないようにする、腕をきれいに見せたい、などを丁寧にチェック。「ぽっちゃりしているだけで、シャイな人も多いし、つい、身体を隠しがち。でも、隠すのじゃなく、女性らしい身体の丸み、腕の丸み、出して行こうよ!って。そう思って、1点ずつデザインしています」そして、このメッセージは、ぽっちゃりさんへだけでなく、すべての女性へ、伝えたいことでもあります。


“I want to create an environment where more and more people can enjoy fashion freely” says Naomi. And PUNYUS has all the wishes of Naomi. From basic to colorful items you can create coordinate that incorporates unique essences!



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2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo

*All prices do not include consumption tax.

*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.



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