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6%DOKIDOKI celebrate its 20th year anniversary! It’s been popular by its fans as it is known as one of the leading brands in Harajuku. This season’s recommended theme is called “Colorful Rebellion”. This backpack says “Colorful Rebellion” in a big Kanji letters. They are offered in purple and pink, and these colors are so bright that it attracts our attentions! This is designed so it can be used by both men and women.
PRICE: Hankouteki Shikisai Logo Knapsack 6,800JPY

今年で20周年、原宿を代表するブランドとして、人気を博し続けてきた6%DOKIDOKI。今シーズンのおすすめは“Colorful Rebellion”。




This time ene, the shop staff that has been working at 6%DOKIDOKI since last summer, introduced to me her recommended coordinate.

The theme for this coordinate is “fluffy pastel”. She looks like a mermaid with her braids, her cute and colorful skirt has fishes on it, and the cool blue shoes brings the whole look together! You can really feel the summer vibe. Her eyebrows are blue too so you can tell that ene put a lot of effort into her look.

PRICE: Gown Dress 17,800JPY, Peplum Bustier 9,980JPY





The point for this coordinate is the pastel colored lace on the shirt. It blends in perfectly since each of the three colored lace are different in design and length. The cute pearl button will make any girly girls crazy!




PRICE: Logo Necklace 3,600JPY, Drops Necklace 1,800JPY



For those of you that would like to wear the clothes from 6%DOKIDOKI but isn’t brave enough, why not try their style from accessories?

This accessory that has brand’s name written on it is impactful but is simple so you can easily incorporate it in your coordinate.
PRICE: Ring Set 2,800JPY (Left), Doki Doki Ring 2,500JPY (Right)





PRICE: Logo Bracelet 2,300JPY



When we think about staffs of 6%DOKIDOKI, not only their fashion is unique but so is their hairstyle! Actually the staffs consult with each other and give advices. If you would like to try these unique but crazy hairstyle like these shop girls, why not get some advice from them?




In the shop filled with amazing things, what ene recommended for me was the “TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE”bear series. This bear was inspired by the bear shaped capsule that was used in the public art project by Sebastian Masuda, held in Miami.
PRICE: Time After Time Capsule Bear Mascot Keychain 3,500JPY

素敵なアイテムが沢山並ぶ店内でeneさんが特におすすめしてくれたのは、“TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE”ベアシリーズ。増田セバスチャンさんのパブリックアートプロジェクトのマイアミ開催時に使用されたベア型のタイムカプセルがモチーフのシリーズです。



Depending on the location of the fabric, each design is different! So it’s hard to decide which tights to get!
Aside from key chains and tights, there are also smart phone cases and canned badges.
PRICE: Colorful Rebellion Patterned Tights 3,500JPY




At the entrance the colorful bear that was decorated in buttons, toys and fur greeted us! The mouth is actually a zipper, and there are so many details! Maybe one of the reasons for the brand’s popularity is its playfulness.




6%DOKIDOKI is a brand that is loved by wide generations, from different countries, and from both men and women. During the interview there were visitors from abroad and even elementary school girl that was enjoying shopping at 6%DOKIDOKI!




Next time you visit Harajuku, be sure to stop by the shop!



Editor Ayano



2F,TX101bldg. 4-28-16, Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,Japan


*All prices do not include consumption tax.



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