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Even though autumn is around the corner, it is still very hot in Tokyo. Mika, the shop staff of titty&Co. created the coordinate that has transparency by wearing the sheer checkered tops.
PRICE: Tops 5,900JPY, Skirt 6,400JPY, Bag 5,900JPY, Shoes 11,000JPY




This tops has a peplum silhouette design that will make your waist look slimmer. It is a tops that is compact so it will you look slimmer as well as elongate your legs.
PRICE: Tops 5,900JPY, Skirt 6,400JPY




The shoulder part also has the design of making your arms slimmer. There are many customers that likes the line of the tops that they purchase them in different colors!
PRICE: Tops 5,900, Skirt 6,400JPY




Mika says, “Since it is cute on the top, we need to hold the cuteness with the bottom half”. So she paired it with the trapezoid mini skirt.
PRICE: Tops 5,900JPY, Skirt 6,400JPY




The waist of the skirt is cache-coeur so she also recommended to tuck in your tops and wear it!
PRICE: Skirt 6,400JPY




She paired the pearl bag to the coordinate. This is the latest item from the autumn and winter collection. The bag can be used for varieties of coordinate since it uses bow, pearl and chain.
PRICE: Wallet Bag 5,900JPY




Inside, it is a wallet so it is perfect for a little outing.
PRICE: Wallet Bag 5,900JPY




 PRICE: Wallet Bag 5,900JPY



Check out the shoes. Mika says, “The point of these heels is that it has pearl straps. The heels are thick so it gives stability but it makes your legs longer.”
PRICE: Shoes 11,000JPY




These heels are the latest item from the autumn and winter collection. It seems like it is great to pair it with different coordinates.
PRICE: Shoes 11,000JPY




In the shop there were other general goods and accessories that you can mix with pearl items!
PRICE: iPhone Case 4,900JPY




From fur to transparent bows, and from light coloring to accented colors, they are all made to mix and match easily with other items.




I can’t keep my eyes off from new autumn items that they are gradually releasing!
PRICE: Tops 5,500JPY Pants 5,900JPY





Mixing simple bottoms for the tops that has unique lines to it. Cache-couer skirt that is trendy this year but is still simple. Why not use these tips for your future coordinates?



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