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Mika is a university student working as a shop staff in titty&Co. Shibuya 109 shop! She has been a fan of this brand, and this time she created for Kawaii.i the coordinate by using unique tops! The first look, she wore this summer’s latest item, lace top and for the bottoms she wore denim wide pants.
PRICE: Lace Top 5,500JPY, Wide Pants 8,500JPY, Feather Sandal 11,000JPY




The point of this coordinate is the transparency! It is created by using this year’s trendy item, lace. The high neck part is scallop design (sleeves like the shell of a scallop) and you can see the femininity here, which is the concept of this brand.
PRICE: Lace Top 5,500JPY




There are bare tops for the inner-wear, so you can wear them comfortably and don’t need to worry.
PRICE: Lace Top 5,500JPY




She chose the wide denim pants for the bottoms. There is also a belt attached that is made out of the same fabric. It is a high waist design and has a belt at higher part of your waist so this item elongates your legs and makes your waist slimmer.
PRICE: Wide Pants 8,500JPY




PRICE: Wide Pants 8,500JPY



What Mika wore is in indigo color but if you wear the light blue one that she is holding, it will make your image look more soft and light.
PRICE: Wide Pants 8,500JPY




There is other option of wearing skinny pants for your bottoms. This is also high waist design so it will make your legs longer. There are frills on the pocket so it will give a feminine look.
PRICE: Skinny Pants 7,900JPY




PRICE: Skinny Pants 7,900JPY



For the shoes she wore the feather sandal, which is very popular this year. It is the latest item that was just released in July.
PRICE: Feather Sandal 11,000JPY




This sandal is offered in lighter colors too!
PRICE: Feather Sandal 11,000JPY




The second way to style your lace top is layering. This is one of the recommended items for this autumn, the knitted “all in one” item! This is a camisole type so you can still see the lace of the tops.
PRICE: Lace Top 5,500JPY, All In One 8,900JPY




With only gaucho pants itself, it may look casual but by pairing it with the lace tops, it creates a feminine look.
PRICE: All In One 8,900JPY




PRICE: Lace Top 5,500JPY, All In One 8,900JPY



Depending on which colors you pair for the lace and the knit, it changes the whole impression of the total coordinate.
PRICE: Lace Top 5,500JPY, All In One 8,900JPY




In the shop there are many new fall items. From colors to the fabric, they are all very “this year”.




How were the lace top coordinates? Even though they are the same tops, depending on the type of bottoms you mix together, the total looks of the coordinate will look different. Why not use these tips for your future coordinate?
PRICE: One Piece 9,500JPY



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