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SWIMMER is a popular brand not only for Japanese but amongst fans from abroad too! At the shop produced by SWIMMER, ChocoChoco by SWIMMER Takeshita street shop, I was introduced to some of their recommended items from the press staff, Aoki-san.

This shop has a concept of giving “small and compact gift” and “small and compact souvenirs”. The shop is filled with cute interior to general goods to sweets!  I will introduce to you some items from this shop which creates a fancy world!

今回は、SWIMMERプロデュースのお店、ChocoChoco by SWIMMER竹下通り店で、プレスの青木さんからおすすめアイテムを教えてもらいました。



This is one of SWIMMER’s original item that comes out every summer, Kawaii fan! It has a lot of candies designed on to it!

The cute point here is that gold gorgeous logo and the lace on the ends. When you have this Kawaii fan in your bag, you can get through the summer hotness! There are many varieties of designs, so come search for your favorite one at SWIMMER!





This fairytale castle shaped accessory stand is one of the popular items amongst their latest collection. The star shape is actually a mirror.
The pearl roof is perfect for hanging necklaces, and there’s also ring cushions so you can display all your accessories at once!




Like in this picture, it can be cute if you decorate it with dolls and plushies. Make your own cute castle by displaying the accessories that describe you!



ChocoChoco by SWIMMER even sells their original sweets.
“Maruru” is a sweet that is only limited to Harajuku street shop!
“Maruru” sounds and looks cute! And it is an animal inspired cake that has chocolate coating over the soft cake. Choose your favorite animal from these line up! It’s also fun to share with your friends since there are varieties of flavors!

ChocoChoco by SWIMMERは、オリジナルのスイーツも販売中です。


Aside from Maruru, there are sweets like cookies and macaroons.
They are sold in a cute box as a set, so it is perfect for a souvenirs.
From functional and charming interior goods to cute and yummy sweets… SWIMMER creates an exciting world that all girls can’t resist! We can’t keep our eyes off from what they have in stores for us next!



Editor Ayano



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