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Village Vanguard Shimokitazawa



In Village Vanguard there are many cute items that will strike your heart! This is a section where they have items from “Peropero★Supa~Kuruzu”, the original character by the illustrator, Yurie Sekiya.



When you flip over the cute face of the character, the pass case appears. It is cute since it can also be the accessory charm for the bag.

PRICE: Pass Case 3,500JPY



The badge comes in many different pastel colors. It is good for a souvenir or a cute accessory for the the student’s bag.

PRICE: Canned Badge 400JPY-



For the character’s section scrunchy by Yoshida Beads, the beads artist, is popular. It comes in smiley face, rice ball and sushi design. One of the characteristics of Village Vanguard is that there are items by these artists.

PRICE: Yoshida Beads Chou Chou 600JPY-



Speaking of food the baguette goods were picked up in Kawaii International Episode #49Kawaii in My House!(http://www.nhk.or.jp/kawaii-i/archives/ep49/)What do you think these are? The big baguette is a cushion and the small baguette is a slipper.

PRICE: Bread Cushion 1,500JPY, Bread Slippers 1,580JPY

食べものグッズつながりでは、Kawaii International Episode #49Kawaii in My House!でも取り上げた、フランスパン(バゲッド)グッズ。何だと思いますか? 大きなフランスパンは、クッションで、小さなフランスパンは、スリッパなのです。


Speaking of bread, one of the popular series in Village Vanguard is its “Bread Like” series. The realness of the volume and the color looks like the real ham and eggs. They have shoulder bag in the same model.

PRICE: Bread Like – Toasted Backpack (Bacon and Egg)  3,000JPY



In the “Bread Like” series, there are honey toast and strawberry whip to its collection.

PRICE: Bread Like – Shoulder Porch (Honey and Butter) 1,200JPY,Bread Like – Shoulder Porch (Whip Cream and Strawberry)1,200JPY



In their series, they have interior goods too. This is the cushion of a toast.

PRICE: Bread Like -Cushion 5,980JPY



There is a chair type too which you can recline the part of the cushion. When you stack up the cushion, you can use it as a low table. With this you can create a cute living room.

PRICE: Bread Like – Cushion Chair 4,980JPY, Double Bread Cushion 5,980JPY,



How about a fried eggs blanket? The center part is made out from different fabric so it looks realistic. It is perfect for the summer when you are under the air conditioning for a long time. The design of this blanket is irresistible!

PRICE: Fried Eggs Blanket 2,480JPY

めだまやきの膝掛けもご一緒にいかが? めだまの部分が別生地になっていて、本格的です。夏のエアコンで冷えてしまいがちな足元に、ぴったりです。見た目がなによりかわいいですね。


The melon bread motif interior goods are popular too. This green bread that looks like melon is a famous sweet bread in Japan. The cushion part is soft when you sit down!

PRICE: Bread Like – Melon Bread Cushion Chair 3,980JPY



The cushion chair is a chair that you can put on the ground and also can recline the back part. So it is a cushion type chair. It is an interior that is very Japanese since Japanese people has a tradition of sitting down on the Tatami mat.

PRICE: Bread Like – Melon Bread Cushion Chair 3,980JPY



There are also Kawaii items that are inspired by sweets. This looks like a roll cake at a glance but what is it really? Is it a towel?



Nope! It’s actually a glasses case. It’s so unique, isn’t it?

PRICE: Glasses Case 1,000JPY



It would be cool if glasses like these come out! Village Vanguard is perfect for going to go find unique items. It is very convenient for foreigners that visits Japan since not only the shops are located in Shimokitazawa but also in Shinjuku and Shibuya!

PRICE: Glasses 500JPY~



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Village Vanguard Shimokitazawa
1F Marche Shimokitazawa
2-10-15 Kitazawa Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo

*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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