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Village Vanguard Shimokitazawa



In Tokyo, the most well known Village Vanguard shop is located in Shimokitazawa and also is the first shop to open in Tokyo. Village Vanguard is a select shop where they have wide varieties of items from books to manga, general goods, clothes and to interior items! There are many fans of this shop since you can get “unique items that other people still don’t have”.



Inside the shop is separated in each sections. One thing that stands out when you enter the shop is the manga section. Along with the popular manga, there are anime related goods!




There are many different books in the book section. From culture, travel, cooking, novels, advertising to media, there are varieties of books in different genres. There are little notes with a catchphrase on the books for the passerby so you might take interest in that book!



There are clothes section too! They have clothes, hats, bags, wallets and watches. Their style is casual, and they have selected items that are trendy amongst young girls in Tokyo!




There are many stationaries too.



For the interior section, there is a little space where they have aroma and candles.




They also have kitchen items! They have animal motif items so there is a high chance you will encounter cute things!

PRICE: Kitchen Items 600JPY-



They have many popular character items too. From the popular characters from Ghibli, to the characters that will soon be popular, they have variety of items! “Bono-Bono” is a manga series character that began in 1986 and also was the anime character in TVs and movies. And this became popular again so it very trendy amongst teen girls in 2015. Recently the animal characters from the 80’s to 90’s is re-trending amongst the young generation. “Bono-Bono” is a sea otter that that attacks joke with its philosophical comments.

PRICE: Bono-Bono Items 400JPY-



This is another popular revival character. “Goma-Chan” is a baby spotted seal that was the main anime character in the TV series and the movie, “Shonen Ashibe” which started in 1988. They restarted their TV anime series from this summer so they have been getting increasing popularity over these few months.

PRICE: Goma-Chan Items 400JPY-



They always have socks of popular characters.

PRICE: Socks 380JPY-



This is the bear pillow that I found in the interior section. This is a pillow that was released from last autumn and is made out from a fabric that feels soft when you touch it. It has been popular ever since its release so now they have the pillows in different animals.

PRICE: Kuma (Bear) Pillow -small 2,300JPY, Kuma (Bear) Pillow -Big 3,300JPY



These are the latest animal pillows! The popular ones are sheep, penguin and panda shaped pillow.

PRICE: Hitsuji (Sheep) Pillow 1,500JPY, Penguin Pillow 1,500JPY, Panda Pillow 1,500JPY



This fluffy and soft item is very trendy! It is a cushion of the sushi character, “Oshushi –Dayo”. It was originally the popular character on Twitter but became a manga in 2014. Also it gained its popularity over capsule ball vending machine and gradually increased its items. Of course it is popular amongst foreigners too.

PRICE: Oshushi -Dayo Cusion 2,500JPY



In the Village Vanguard Shimokitazawa shop, there are many items and souvenirs that people from abroad will like! This is very Japanese since it is Origami book where you can make your artwork by hand.

PRICE: Origami Book 1,200JPY



The mini bonsai, the green tea cup of sushi shop, and the sushi guide book is very popular. And the price is very reasonable. It is very nice that there are Japanese goods corner that will be a nice souvenir.

PRICE: Mini Bonsai 850JPY, Green Tea Cup 580JPY, Sushi Book 2,000JPY



In the stationaries section, I found a miniature eraser. This will make a great souvenir too!

PRICE: Lunch Box Eraser 350JPY



There are many capsule ball vending machine in front of the shop.



There are many voices of “what is it?” to “so funny!” to “Kawaii” all over the shop. When you come to Village Vanguard, you will sure to be entertained. Also when you have something that you are searching for in the shop, don’t hesitate to ask questions to the shop staff.


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Village Vanguard Shimokitazawa
1F Marche Shimokitazawa
2-10-15 Kitazawa Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo

*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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