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There is a new SPINNS shop that opened just by Takeshita Street and is getting a huge popularity. It is called 2.5 spinns and is already very popular in Japan. Not only they keep on reporting about anime, manga, music and fashion, but also the trendy 2.5 dimensions (in between 2 and 3 dimensions) culture too!
This time, I found the latest fashion in 2.5 spinns Harajuku. What the shop staff, honopi is wearing is the style that incorporates Japanese taste.

去年、竹下通りからすぐの場所にオープンした話題のお店があります。日本で既に大人気のショップ・スピンズの新しいお店、2.5 spinnsです。アニメ、マンガ、音楽など、ファッションに限らず今の旬のライフスタイル“2.5次元カルチャー”を発信しています。
今回は2.5 spinnsで原宿の最新ファッションを見つけました。スタッフのほのぴさんが着こなしているのは、和風なテイストを織り交ぜたスタイルです。


This cap is an original item that has the Kanji “Shinobi” which is the first letter of the word, ninja. It is brand that came out last year called “yubi ga 1ppon” (means only one finger in Japanese) and is only available in some shops in SPINNS.

PRICE: “Shinobi” cap (yubi ga 1ppon) 1,599JPY



The T-shirt is also from “yubi ga 1ppon”. What she is wearing over it is the second hand Kimono that has Japanese designed on it. The Japanese style brand “yubi ga 1ppon” and the traditional Kimono matches very well.

PRICE: Family crest T-shirt (yubi ga 1ppon) 2,990JPY, Kimono (used) 5,990JPY



Wearing Kimono like a cardigan not only is popular by girls abroad but also by young Japanese girls. It is the popular item of 2.5spinns with the apparels from “yubi ga 1ppon”.

和服をはおることは海外からの方にはもちろん、日本の若い子たちにも大人気。“ゆびが1ぽん”のアイテムと合わせて2.5 spinnsの人気商品になっています。



The items from “yubi ga 1ppon” has many different Japanese style designs but remains simple. There are so many of them that you’d want to collect them all!



There are many varieties of T-shirts. This cute illustrated T-shirt is inspired by Japanese traditional card game called “Karuta”.



The shocking pink colored string like belt accentuates the waist. This is also second handed and is an accessory piece when wearing Kimono. 2.5 spinnns shows us how the trendy items goes well with strictly selected Kimonos and Japanese clothes.

PRICE: Obi-jime (decorative strings) (used) 1,500JPY

ウエストをマークしている、ショッキングピンクがアクセントのひも。これも実は古着で、和服に使う装飾用のひもなんです。選び抜かれた古着や和服が、旬のアイテムとこんなに合うことを2.5 spinnsは教えてくれます。




The pants are second hand items. In the shop are colorful second hand clothes. Not only there are second hand Japanese clothes but also a wide variety of colorful items. You can enjoy mixing SPINNS original items and ‘only one’ second hand items in 2.5 spinns.

PRICE: Pants (used) 2,999JPY

パンツは古着のアイテム。カラフルな古着もたくさんそろっています。古着の和服のみならず、カラフルでさまざまなアイテムがずらりとそろっています。スピンズのオリジナルアイテムとオンリーワンの古着を組み合わせられるのが、まさに2.5 spinnsならではの楽しみ方です。



In 2.5 spinns, there are always the latest fashion and culture being born. There is one more reason to visit Harajuku; “to encounter with the newly born culture in 2.5 spinns”!

常に最新、最先端のファッションと文化が生まれる2.5 spinns。これからは、原宿に行く理由に“2.5 spinnsから誕生する新たな文化に触れること”が増えましたね。

Editor Kasumi

2.5 spinns
2・3F Jingumae115 building 1-15-2 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.



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