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This time, I will introduce to you the latest fashion from SPINNS Takeshita Street shop in Harakuku! This shop is located inside the fashion building of Takeshita street CUTECUBE HARAJUKU. The shop staff Ameri taught us the coordinate using the items using lace and see-through items!

今回は竹下通りのファッションビル、CUTECUBE HARAJUKU内のSPINNS竹下通り店から最新ファッションをお届け。ショップスタッフのAmeriさんにレースやシースルーのアイテムを取り入れたコーデを教えてもらいました!


What Ameri came out with was the casual coordinate, with second handed band T-shirt and denim pants with sneakers. On top of this, she layered the black lace camisole One-piece dress, and turned it into a sweet and edgy mixed style.

PRICE: Used T-shirts: 1,299JPY, Race Camisole One piece: 2,599JPY, Pants: 2,999JPY




What is fascinating about SPINNS is that they have a wide variety of second hand clothes. This band T-shirt is from SPINNS too.
Ameri says that most of the clothes she owns are second hand and for her daily looks she incorporates many items from SPINNS too.
There are many second hand clothes in the shop that the exclusive buyer went to go get it from the U.S. The items changes often so you can’t miss it!



The lace camisole One-piece dress is offered in white and pink as well.
It is also cute to make it into a breezy summer style by pairing it with white T-shirt or short denim pants!



This cute fitting room makes you want to stay for a long time. You can feel the pop vibe of SPINNS.


The shop is filled with ‘pop’ recommendation cards. On the cards, there mention about the characteristics of the item, and how you can easily incorporate into your coordinate, so these tips will be helpful for fashion beginners. This is the ‘pop’ recommendation card of second hand T-shirt and the buckle belt.




Just being in the shop will make you excited since there are a wide varieties of items that you can get in different colors or the same one with your friends. The matching items might come in handy for the summer where there are a lot of events and festivals. There are a lot of items that are affordable so it will be perfect for souvenir for your friends.




In SPINNS you can enjoy wide varieties of clothes that are different genres,and they have casual to unique items. When you visit Harajuku, go find your favorite items in SPINNS!




Editor Ayano


1-7-1, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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