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From snidel a cute & mature brand that is loved by girls of wide age ranges, from late teens to women in their 30’s, snidel will introduce to you the coordinate using lace and see-through items.

snidel’s concept for this autumn is “Innocent and Confident”. They have a line up of clothes filled with items that captures the essence of the girl’s fleetingness and the women’s strong will.


snidelのこの秋のコンセプトは、「Innocence & Confident」。


The coordinate point of the shop staff, Nakatani-san’s coordinate is “one tone”, using the single specific tone of color for the whole look. The colors of the items are all different but they all have the same tonality that gives the unification to the whole look. Why not give this look a try?

PRICE: Off-Shoulder Knit Pullover: 6,600JPY, Long Sheer Skirt: 15,000JPY, One-hand Pochette: 8,400JPY, Fit Middle Boots: 14,200JPY



The tops are the V neck style with the off-the-shoulder design, that makes your decal look beautiful. It’s also nice for girls since this item has a girly silhouette. They offer in 4 different colors so there are many variations to choose from.





The skirt is layered inside and the bit of the see-through style gives you a lady like style. This season, snidel uses its lace diagonally. The detailed lace looks very elegant.



For the foot, she chose brown boots that fits perfectly around the ankles. It is an item that brings together the coolness to the girly outfit.



This beige bag is made from suede. It seems like you can use it for the autumn and winter too. There is a chain that can be attached, so you can turn it into a shoulder bag too! This bag can be utilized in 2 ways.

Nakatani-san, a shop staff that has been working as at snidel for 6 years says, “The attractiveness of snidel is that you can enjoy items of the mode style with delicate maturity mixed with sweetness.” Why not incorporate items of snidel that is not just girly and sweet into your outfit?

snidel captures the trendiness of each season but is still filled with playfulness. I can’t keep my eyes off of what they have in stores for us in the future.





Editor Ayano


3-38-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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