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SPINNS is a very popular brand amongst girls in their teens to university students! Recently there are many foreign customers that mainly comes from Asian countries. From SPINNS Takeshita Street shop in Harakuku, the shop staff will introduce you the recommended coordinate for this season.



PRICE: See-through Skirt: 1,998JPY, T-shirts: 1,599JPY, Pants: 2,999JPY

Ameri, the shop staff started working at SPINNS Takeshita Street shop when she moved out to Tokyo. She thought if she were to move to Tokyo, she wanted to work at SPINNS.
This coordinate is what Ameri came out with; the white stitched T-shirt with denim pants layered with white see-through skirt.




On the chest area of the T-shirt, there is a stitching of the flamingo. It is available in palm tree stitching and in other colors as well. Also they have items that are perfect for going out such as tie dye designs and aloha shirts!

You might think that white see-through skirt is difficult to style in your coordinate but Ameri says “A lot of people mix together with short pants but actually, it goes well with pretty much anything!”. This see-through skirt is a tail-cut design which the front is short and the back is longer.




This season, bandanas are one of the popular items and it is trendy to tie it by your neck, bag and bottoms, such as skirt and pants.
It is an affordable item that just with one bandana, you can style it in many ways.
Why not style the clothes that are being left in your closet with the bandana from SPINNS?




SPINNS also has a remade brand, “Re+” where they have ‘only one’ handmade items that are cute to unique. Go find your favorite item that is only for you!



It is also perfect spot to go on a date since there are varieties of item for men, and unisex items! One can enjoy the matching look with their lovers and friends. It can be fun to pick out each other’s items too.




The Takeshita Street shop is located in the 2nd floor of CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU. When you visit Harajuku, make sure to go to SPINNS and enjoy fashion with fun filled items!

竹下通り店は、CUTE CUBE HARAJUKUの2Fです。原宿に遊びにきたときは、遊び心たっぷりなアイテムが勢ぞろいのSPINNSでおしゃれを楽しんでみては?



Editor Ayano


1-7-1, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.



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