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In one spo Shibuya109 shop, one of the shop staff created this summer’s trendy lace and see-through item coordinate for Kawaii.i! This is the recommended item by the shop staff Mocan. It is a coordinate that incorporates items that are trendy this year with the gorgeous lace jumpsuit mixed with a hat and a choker.

PRICE: Lace All In One 9,612JPY, Sandals 12,960JPY, Choker 1.944JPY, Tulle Hat 6,372JPY

この夏トレンドの、レース&シースルーアイテムのコーデを、one spo 渋谷109店で作ってもらいました! スタッフのもきゃんさんお勧めのコーデはこちら。豪華な、総レースのオールインワンに、ハットとチョーカーを合わせて、今年らしいコーデです。


The chest area looks like this. This item came in stock in the beginning of May but it sold out once so they had to reorder to stock it back again! So it’s a very popular item!



The long and white bottoms are one of this year’s trend. The innerwear is short so one of the point here is that your legs are partially see-through. This jumpsuit is available in shorter length too, as well as in black and pink colors.



For the shoes, let’s go with this year’s latest sandals. This item came out in the beginning of May. The secret of this sandals’ popularity is because the heels in the front is big that gives stability so that is easy to walk in. Also it gives the long leg effect!

PRICE: Sandals 12,960JPY



PRICE: Sandals 12,960JPY


When you look at the back, it shows off your skin. But its not a design that show your undergarment so that’s a plus!



The lace hat makes your coordinate more beautiful. The tulle decoration gives you the feminine feel to your whole look.

PRICE: Tulle Hat 6,372JPY




PRICE: Tulle Hat 6,372JPY


You can add the light colored see-though bag to your coordinate too! Mocan says, “It is this year’s trend to wear denim or long cardigan with this coordinate”.

PRICE: Organdy Frilled Bag 5,292JPY




Mocan created another cool coordinate! Mocan said, this year “There’s nothing that beats the mix of satin and lace!” and that is true, since she created satin and organdy with lace coordinate. The inner wear is a satin set up item and it is in this year’s trendy pajama-like style. The jacket is actually lace Souvenir Jacket, also known as ‘Sukajan’.

PRICE: Organdy Souvenir Jacket 11,880JPY, Satin Camisole 4,212JPY, Lace Top 3,900JPY, Satin Wide Pants 5,292JPY, Ribbon Cap 4,212JPY, Sandals 12,960JPY



The point of this coordinate is the pink Souvenir Jacket ‘Sukajan’ that is made out of all organdy. This design is like no other since there is a frill from the arms to the shoulders. You can see wheat you are wearing inside too so you can enjoy the layered look.

PRICE:Organdy Souvenir Jacket 11,880JPY




This is the cap that Mocan is wearing. There is tulle on the top ribbon so it gives you the cute and the feminine look.

PRICE:Ribbon Cap 4,212JPY



PRICE: Ribbon Cap 4,212JPY


What great tips! I hope you enjoyed these tips to enjoy this year’s trendy lacey and see-through items!



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one spo
SHIBUYA109 4F 2-29-1
Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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