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WALL is a brand that you cannot exclude when talking about Laforet Harajuku. WALL is located just when you enter the main entrance of Laforet Harajuku. This brand was born to spread the Japanese brands and creators to the outside world from the holy ground of fashion, Harajuku. The shop has many items of Japanese brand whether it is old or new, with different genres. And this is the reason why they not only had fans in Japan but also abroad.

In this time, the shop staff Mikako told us the features and charms about WALL. First, let’s look at Mikako’s coordinate!





She wore the tops from tambourine, a brand that is currently popular in WALL. Mikako layered the tambourine tops. ”tambourine” is a Japanese brand that was started by NOZOMI ISHIGURO in 2014.

PRICE: Lace Patchwork Vest 9,800JPY, Tops 29,000JPY (tambourine)

トップスはWALLで今人気のブランド、tambourine。ミカコさんはtambourineのトップスを重ねてきていました。tambourineはNOZOMI ISHIGUROが2014年から開始した日本のブランドです。




The belt, pants, and the shoes are all items from MIKIO SAKABE. This brand’s items are always handled in WALL and it is a Japanese brand that is popular in both in and out of Japan. This pants have the loose silhouette so it is a unisex item. The different floral design in the front and the back attracts our attention.

Mikako created her unique and original coordinate by mixing different brands but looks put together. One of the great trait of this brand is that WALL creates special moment when the new coordinate is born by mixing and matching different brands.

PRICE: Belt 7,000JPY, Flower-pattern Pants 47,000JPY, Platform Sneakers 35,000JPY (MIKIO SAKABE)

ベルト・パンツ・靴はMIKIO SAKABEのアイテムです。WALLでは常に取り扱っているブランドで、国内外問わず人気の日本のブランドです。パンツはユニセックスで楽しめるゆったりとしたシルエットで、前後で色が異なる花柄が目を引きます。




Mikako had shown me the popular item in the shop. She showed me the Jenny Fax item by saying, “The see through items are popular”. This item is only available in WALL. These are items only in WALL because their relationship with the partner brands and its designers are very close.

ミカコさんに今、店頭で人気のアイテムを教えてもらいました。「とにかくシースルーが人気です」と見せてくれたのは、Jenny Faxのアイテム。実は、このアイテムはWALL限定のアイテムなんです。ブランドやそのデザイナーとの距離が近いWALLだけのアイテムが店内に並びます。



With the border fabric that Jenny Fax originally announced in the collection, and textile with bow motif, WALL & Jenny Fax created a new item by leaving the original bow motif and making the fabric a see through design. It is a limited item that can only be created by WALL, an expert at Harajuku’s real clothes by interacting with variety of customers, and Jenny Fax, that creates the latest fashion.

元々Jenny Faxがコレクションで発表したボーダー地にリボンのモチーフが象られたテキスタイルを、WALLとJenny Faxでリボンのモチーフはそのままに生地をシースルーにしたアイテムが誕生しました。さまざまなお客さんと接し原宿のリアルクローズを知り尽くしたWALLと最新のファッションを生み出すJenny Faxだからできた、ここだけのアイテムなんです。



When you enter Laforet Harajuku, the entrance of WALL’s display will pop into your eyes. It actually changes every 3 times a month. There are many customers that comes to Laforet often, and the display of WALL is always new, and you can sense their strong preference towards how they want to express themselves.

The display that changes every 7 to 10 days is a collaborated work made by WALL shop staff and the brand designers. With WALL’s suggestion based on their knowledge in current Harajuku as well as their close relation with the designers and creators, reflects on the display and the coordinate.






Like Mikako’s coordinate, all the suggested coordinate in the store is mixed with different brands and creator’s works. Mikako told me, “I love WALL’s fashion because it does not follow the rules of a certain trend, brand collection, and genres”.




There are many accessories in the shop. Here, there are works by the creators and they have strong preference on how they display them. It is fun to look at, and it makes you want to try them on.



The wall and the floor is white and has a clean impression so that they can carry out varieties of exhibits and express their world. What kind of universe and expression will WALL offer us next? I can’t wait.

When you go to LaForet Harajuku, be sure to enjoy the latest Japanese fashion at the entrance of WALL, to your heart’s content!



Editor Kasumi




1F Laforet Harajuku 1-11-6 Jingumae ,Sibuyaku,Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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