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This time, I went to M.Y.O.B.NYC, located in 4th floor of Laforet Harajuku. The 4th floor is specifically for ladies fashion. On this floor there are Ank Rouge, the brand popular for its girly clothes, as well as X-girl, the cool style brand known as the first store to be in Laforet Harajuku. From sweet to edgy, there are unique brands on this floor.
PRICE: Handmade Skirt(Enamel Shoelace Skirt) 36,500JPY

ラフォーレ原宿4FにあるM.Y.O.B.NYCに行って来ました。4Fはレディースファッションのフロアです。このフロアには、ガーリーなお洋服で人気のAnk Rougeや、ラフォーレ原宿が1号店だったことで知られる、クール系のエックスガールなど、甘めから辛口まで、個性あふれるブランドが並びます。

LaForet Harajuku Virtual Tour Part 1 by Kawaii.i




One of the brands in the 4th floor is M.Y.O.B, that is filled with street and unisex style, and always “keeps on trying new things”. It is known as the reverse imported brand that 2 Japanese designers, Comi and Tanimi, created.





The N.Y born brand originally started as an accessory brand with street culture based style. This accessory brand’s theme was that they wanted women to “wear larger pieces that they don’t usually wear on a daily basis”. Later, white and black based clothes were added, then joined cool and street style. And it is transforming into a brand with the style of chic and mature tonality.




The characteristic is the contrast with black and white clothes, colorful taste and linear and geometric form, meticulous graphic work, and the provocative accessory. Last year, they appeared on the fashion show in WakuWaku+NYC called NHK WORLD “Tokyo Above-Underground” Fashion Show.

白と黒の服と、カラフルな色味と直線&幾何学的なフォルムと、繊細なグラフィックワーク、そこに挑戦的なアクセサリーのコントラストが見事なのが特徴です。昨年は、NYで開催された、WakuWaku+NYCのファッションショー、NHK WORLD “Tokyo Above-Underground” Fashion Show にも登場してくれました。


The store manager, ENO told me, “I want to offer a fun time by including the customers together”. In August 2014, M.Y.O.B NYC opened in Laforet. Before that they opened their pop up shop 5 to 6 times in Tokyo and abroad and they were both successful. In the spring of 2014 at Laforet Harajuku, their brand’s solo pop up shop was a success, and was able to opened their official shop there.

M.Y.O.B NYCがラフォーレにオープンしたのは、2014年の8月のこと。それ以前に、東京や海外で5~6回のポップアップショップを成功させ、ラフォーレでも、2014年の春にブランド単体のポップアップショップを出して成功し、正式な、ショップオープンを迎えました。



Before M.Y.O.B. NYC opened the store in Laforet, they already had fans through SNS and reviews. So they said that they were able to connect with new fans by opening the shop in Laforet. “In Laforet there are different mix brands but there are diverse customers too. There are not only customers who love fashion but there are tourists as well as people of different ages.”

ラフォーレでお店をオープンさせる前から、すでにSNSや口コミを通じて沢山のファンの居たM.Y.O.B. NYCは、ラフォーレにお店が出来たことで、新たな人たちと繋がることが出来た、と言います。「ラフォーレは、ビルの中のブランドも様々ミックスですが、お客さんもミックス。ファッション命という人だけでなく、いろいろな年代の方や、観光客の方もたくさんいらっしゃいます」



“In one word, Laforet’s charm is the ‘other-worldly environment’. You might get lost and wonder, what floor was that shop at? And you might not get to where you wanted to go. There are brands full of amazing characteristics and you can’t miss any of the moments in Laforet. But just when you are wandering, you will encounter the brand or the style of clothes that you were looking for. I believe it is a cool place like that.” says ENO.

「ラフォーレの魅力は、ひとことで言うと『異空間』。あれ、あのお店何階だっけ??なんて、行きたいところたどり着けなかったりする。魅力的なブランドがあって、一瞬一瞬気が抜けない。でも、ふと気を抜いた時に、自分が求めていたテイストの洋服やブランドに出逢える。そんな場所だと思います」と ENOさん。



Yoh became the shop staff for M.Y.O.B. when she fell in love with this M.Y.O.B. So she decided to change jobs from the one she worked in the streets of Harajuku to M.Y.O.B.
“I’ve been following M.Y.O.B. on Instagram so I’ve known about it before they launched the shop in Laforet. I was wondering about the direction of my fashion for the future, and I encountered this shop like a miracle.”







The tops has a graphic work, drawn by the designer, Tanimi. The print which is inspired by postage stamps, is cool since it is draped like the Kimono sleeves. This stamp has the message: “to send” and “to move forward”. The picture of RECALL which ENO drew is the statement of this pants.
PRICE: Tops (REACH Poncho)  28,000JPY, Pants (RECALL WIDE Pants) 15,000JPY



The meaning behind RECALL which ENO drew has the message: “In today’s information society, it is overflowing with information. Even in fashion, isn’t everyone affected by a lot of information? Find yourself again, and come back to life!”.





The large accessory is essential to the coordinate. “It is recommendable since the choker goes well with any clothes and even with just one piece, it becomes trendy.” says Yoh. The bracelet is from the popular series designed by Tanimi. They assume it will sell out soon.
PRICE: Choker(MINUS Bolt Choker) 8,500JPY, Bracelet(EYELET Bracelet) 9,200JPY




The items with logos are popular for a long time in Harajuku shop. Even for T-shirts, jackets, pants and caps, there are firm ‘logo item’ fans. This logo printed color T-shirt is popular this year. Every year, the version changes a bit so there are collectors of the T-shirt too.
PRICE: T-Shirts(Original LOGO long sleeve) 6,500JPY





Another ‘very Harajuku’ factor is that there are customers that wants to “find item that is ‘only one in the world’.” She says, “This crushed sweat shirt is handled one by one, and handmade to lose the color, so the size of the hole differs. These types of items are very popular.”
PRICE: Crushed Sweat Shirt (INDUSTRIES-Crushed Sweat Sirts) 20,000JPY







An item that has string through the loop, like the shoe lace is also only one item. In M.Y.O.B.. there are line ups of items with the concept of ‘only one’.
PRICE: Handmade Tops (DENIM CROPPED TOPS) 14,000JPY, Handmade Skirt (DENIM EYELET LONG Skirt) 56,000JPY

まるで靴ひものように、鳩目に紐を通したアイテムも、1点ものです。M.Y.O.B. NYCでは、、こうしたコンセプトの1点ものが、折々に並びます。



Yoh and ENO gets along well together. For lunch they recommend Thai restaurant, “Ciao! Bamboo” located in backstreets of Harajuku, and for sweets they say tapioca from “Chun Shui Tang” is great. In M.Y.O.B. NYC I felt the charm that was very LaForet Harajuku with creative items and friendly staffs.


クリエイティブなアイテムと、フレンドリーなスタッフがいる、ラフォーレ原宿らしい魅力を感じる、M.Y.O.B. NYCでした。


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1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.




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