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There are many shops with charming goods in LaForet Harajuku. I went to “osumashi poohchan” shop that opened last September. It is located in the B1 floor where there are many brands related to Japanese ‘Kawaii’ culture. “poohchan” is a black cat that waits for its girl owner to come home. This is the backpack that is the most popular item for this spring.

PRICE: Peek-A-Boo Back Pack 4,500JPY

日本の’カワイイ’ カルチャーに関連したブランドが並ぶ地下1F にある、昨年9月にオープンした「おすましプーちゃん」に行ってきました。プーちゃんは、飼い主の女の子の帰りを待つ、黒猫。こちらは、この春一番人気アイテムのリュックです。


The secret why poohchan is popular is because it can do “peek-a-boo”. The eyes and the hands has Velcro attached. These “peek-a-boo” series began in September last year.



It can even wink too! This backpack sold out quickly this spring. They will come back in stock again. Aside from the backpack, there are pass case, card case, and key case. They are ‘very Harajuku’ items.




These are popular items ever since the brand has started. This is the bag with poohchan’s face on the canvass fabric.

PRICE: Tote Bag 2,900 JPY




The attractive part about poohchan is the closed eyes and the lashes. The brand PR says “We wanted to transmit poohchan by opening the shop in LaForet Harajuku, which is the landmark of fashion”. This dye cut tote bag is popular even by customers from abroad.

PRICE: Dye Cut Leather Tote Bag 2,800 JPY

プーちゃんは、閉じたお目目と長いまつ毛がチャームポイント。「ファッションのランドマークである、ラフォーレ原宿にお店を出して、プーちゃんを発信したかった」とは、ブランドの広報さん。こちらの ダイカットトートバッグは、海外からのお客さんからも人気だそうです。


This is the latest bag. Actually there is a tail on the bag. It is great for students since you can put big folders in it. It is the size that music sheet can fit for piano lesson.

PRICE: Piano Bag 3,500JPY



There is a large variety of accessories. On the shelf, there are many poohchan goods.



If you look closely, the tail is a zipper. This pouch is popular gift item.

PRICE: Porch 1,900 JPY



This ‘paw inspired’ long wallet is one of the most popular items in the Harajuku shop. The poohchan plushy has its unwavering popularity. The shop staff, Kaoruko that modeled for us, loves the ramen from Jingu, which is located in backstreet Harajuku. She enjoys Harajuku life as she said, “When I have time. I go to bills, Hoshino Coffee, and go eat pancakes”.

PRICE: Paw Pads Wallet 2,900 JPY, Stuffed Poohchan Cat 1,380 JPY

原宿店ではとても人気のある、肉球モチーフの長財布。プーちゃんのぬいぐるみも、不動の人気だそうです。今回モデルになってくれたスタッフの太田さんは、裏原にあるラーメン屋さん Jingu(ジング)のラーメンが大好き。「時間のある時は、billsや、星野珈琲のパンケーキを食べに行きます」と、原宿ライフを楽しんでいるそうです。


Japan will soon enter into rainy season. If you have an umbrella like this, it will make you happy. The design of this umbrella is the popular “Love Pooh” design.

PRICE: Love Poohchan Umbrella 2,900 JPY



poohchan fills the entire wall and the chandelier inside the store is made by the chandelier artist. There are many customers that takes pictures of the wall.


#783_Osumashi-Poohchan_12s #783_Osumashi-Poohchan_13s #783_Osumashi-Poohchan_14s_01 #783_Osumashi-Poohchan_15s_01

poohchan shop is where people of different ages comes; mainly 20’s girls, elementary school student, and overseas visitors. There are customers that likes gothic-style and Lolita-style too. It looks like it goes well with Lolita clothes.




The official shop of “osumashi poohchan” in Kanto region is just in LaForet Harajuku. There are customers that comes to the shop who lives close to the Kanto region.




LaForet Harajuku has a lot of general merchandises shops. Just half a floor below, in the 1.5 floor, there is a popular brand SWIMMER that has pop and cute general merchandises.

雑貨も充実しているラフォーレ原宿。0.5階下の B 1.5Fには、ポップでキュートな雑貨が人気のSWIMMERもあります。


There are cute general merchandise shops aside from clothes shops. Honey Salon, which its coordinate has been featured by Kawaii.i also has general merchandises that are popular.

It seems fun to look around general merchandises in LaForet Harajuku.

お洋服のお店にも、可愛い雑貨が揃います。Kawaii.i のコーデ紹介でもおなじみ Honey Salonも、雑貨が人気です。



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osumashi poohchan shop
B1F Laforet Harajuku
1-11-6 Jingumae,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


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