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It is LaForet Harajuku special edition, and this time I will introduce BATTY GARAGE BY AYMMYS located in 4th floor. In the 4th floor there are many unique brands from casual to girly style.

ラフォーレ原宿特集、今回はカジュアルテイストからガーリーテイストまで、個性的なブランドが勢ぞろいの4FからBATTY GARAGE BY AYMMYSをご紹介します。


“Aymmy in the batty girls” is a brand that Ayumi Seto, a model that has a great popularity from the girls in their teens and 20’s, creates the concepts and the designs. The concept is what Ayumi thinks of “A Californian girl from the U.S. ‘Aymmy’s’ fashion and her lifestyle” and presents collection that incorporates Aymmy’s original taste. She mixes pop and edgy style. The American culture is the center of the street style, and this style is inspired from Ayumi’s hobby, which is watching movies. Also the location in the U.S. becomes the concept of the jeans. For example, this season is “SKATE GARAGE”’s VENICE BEACH.

10代〜20代の女の子を中心に絶大な人気を誇るモデルの瀬戸あゆみさんがコンセプト提案からデザインまで行っているAymmy in the batty girls。コンセプトは、彼女が想像する「アメリカ・カリフォルニア出身の女の子 “エイミー” のファッションとそのライフスタイル」で、“エイミー”独自の感性を活かしたコレクションを発表しています。ポップとエッジをミックスさせ、アメリカンカルチャーを軸としたストリートスタイルは、瀬戸さんの趣味である映画鑑賞からインスパイアされたり、今シーズンの”SKATE GARAGE”のVENICE BEACHのように、アメリカのある場所がシーズンコンセプトの舞台になったりしているのだそう。


The shop that opened in March 2015 in LaForet is called BATTY GARAGE BY AYMMYS and the theme is “Aymmy” and her friends from ‘Aymmy in the batty girls’ opening a select shop in their garage. So there are vintage accessories and clothes that Ayumi went to go purchase in the U.S. Especially those accessories and clothes are ‘only one’ items so you can’t miss them! The shop is filled with Ayumi’s playful taste and will make you excited!

The fitting room door looks just like the ones that you find in the American kids’ room.

2015年3月にオープンしたラフォーレ店はBATTY GARAGE BY AYMMYSという名前で、Aymmy in the batty girlsのコンセプトキャラクター、“エイミー”と彼女の友人達が自宅のガレージで始めたセレクトショップという設定で、瀬戸さん自らがアメリカから買い付けたヴィンテージ小物やお洋服が並んでいます。特に買い付けのお洋服や小物は一点物ばかりなので、見逃せません。瀬戸さんのこだわりがぎゅっと詰まった遊び心たっぷりの店内に思わずわくわくしてしまいますね。



Another cool part is unlike the other stores, this brand releases their collection each season, four times in a year. Whenever you visit, there will be new items filled in the shop.

A select brand, GOOD MORNING GOOD NIGHT is popular from overseas customers because of its colorful Aymmy-like items, and its unique motifs such as hamburgers and hotdogs.

Aymmyらしい色鮮やかなアイテムはもちろん、ハンバーガーやホットドッグなど、ユニークなモチーフが多いGOOD MORNING GOOD NIGHTというセレクトブランドは海外のお客様からも大人気だそう。


Another point is that they offer product line up that is can only be purchased in BATTY GARAGE that you can’t get in other stores nor online shop. The caps and simple boyish designs, also collaborated item that is introduced often with VANS, the worldly known skating brand has wide range of sizes and is great for men too. There are couples that enjoys matching coordinate with the items from this brand.

他店舗やオンラインショップでは購入できない、BATTY GARAGEならではのラインナップを展開しているのも特徴です。キャップや、シンプルでボーイズライクなデザインのもの、定期的に発表している世界的スケートブランドVANSとのコラボアイテムは、サイズ展開も幅広く、男性のお客様にもおすすめです。カップルで購入されて、お揃いコーデを楽しむファンも多いのだとか。


I asked a little bit about the brand to the shop staff, U-chan.
She was born in Okinawa prefecture and had been a big fan of the designer, Ayumi Seto. Her dream was to some day work with Ayumi in Harajuku. So she says with a smile, LaForet Harajuku, the place that made her dreams come true is “from trendy to unique, it is the trendsetting area of every fashion style!”



U-chan says that on the weekends she hangs out in Harajuku. She likes going around second hand shops, and enjoys talking at “THE GREAT BURGER” a favorite café of her friends and staffs.
She taught us: “THE GREAT BURGER is one of my recommended spots since the interior and the environment is close to the world of Aymmy and it’s so cute”. Why not visit this café?

お休みの日も原宿で遊ぶことが多いうーちゃんは、古着屋さんめぐりをしたり、お友達やスタッフの皆さんとお気に入りのカフェ、”THE GREAT BURGER”でおしゃべりを楽しんだりしているそう。
「”THE GREAT BURGER”は店内のインテリアや雰囲気がAymmyの世界観のようで、とてもかわいいんです。おすすめスポットの一つですよ」と教えてくれました。皆さんもぜひ足を運んでみてくださいね。


We were taught the coordinate using the gown one-piece dress that is one of the popular items.
You can enjoy this item in 2 ways, wearing it like one-piece dress by putting on the button like in the picture, or can be worn like a gown over the clothes. One of the characteristics of the brand is that they use the original textile that focuses on graphics each season. This season, with the concept of “SKATE GARAGE”, there is a girl and a boy enjoying hamburger and skating.
With different colors, there is navy and red version. This one-piece dress filled with girly-ness is pleated on the skirt, and looks like a uniform or a cheerleader uniform. You can sense the American feel!

毎シーズンごとにグラフィックにこだわった、オリジナルのテキスタイルが用いられているのもブランドの特徴です。今季は”SKATE GARAGE”というコンセプトのもと、ハンバーガーとスケートを楽しんでいる男女が描かれています。


The trendy big T-shirt has a cute ice cream print on it. U-chan says, “If you are a short girl, you can wear it like a one-piece dress with just this piece. It is also recommended to wear it with denim to make it casual”.




BATTY GARAGE BY AYMMYS creates collaboration items with several popular brands, and does projects such as the “Hara-core (Harajuku-collection)” held in Harajuku on May 1st and still has many projects ahead of them. There is an event where you can meet Ayumi.

BATTY GARAGE BY AYMMYSは、多様な人気ブランドとのコラボレーションアイテムや、5月1日に原宿で開催された「ハラコレ」などイベントとの連動企画も多数企画しています。瀬戸あゆみさんに会えるイベントもあるのだとか。

For those that can’t come to Harajuku very often, here is a great news if you are a fan of Aymmy that lives abroad! From 2016 spring, the head shop of “LAZY OAF” a brand of London, “LAZY OAF STORE” will start selling the items of Aymmy. When you visit Europe, please check it out!

Make sure you find your favorite piece in the shop filled with AYMMY-ness that all girls become crazy about!

原宿にはなかなか行けない…という海外のAymmyファンの皆さまに素敵なお知らせです!2016年春からロンドン発のブランド「LAZY OAF」のヘッドショップ「LAZY OAF STORE」にて取り扱いがスタートしています。ヨーロッパへ遊びに行った際は、ぜひ足を運んでみてください。


Editor Ayano



Laforet Harajuku 4F
1-11-6 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo JAPAN




*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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