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Just with 5 minutes of walking down the slope from JR Yamanote line Omotesando exit, you will be able to find Laforet Harajuku. Ever since the department store’s opening in 1978, it has been the landmark of Harajuku and continues to transmit the latest fashion from Harajuku.

JR 山手線の表参道口から、坂を下って歩くこと5分の場所に、ラフォーレ原宿はあります。1978年のオープン以来、原宿のランドマークとして存在し、そして原宿から最新のファッションを発信し続けているデパートです。

*Laforet Harajuku 360° Virtual Tour Part 1
We made 360 degree movie where you can virtually experience being in LaForet Harajuku!




After LaForet Harajyuku has been opened, there has been many brands have launched shops, some are independent shops, and some are first shops to be opened for the brand. The first shop by Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, and X-girl was from Laforet Harajuku.




Laforet Harajuku, that is widely supported by worldly known stylists, has been renewed repeatedly each spring or fall. This spring, 35 stores renewal opened and new shops by young creators and influencers as well as new brands from in and out of Japan opened.




What greets you when you enter Laforet Harajuku is the WALL of select shops. The display changes every week and greets us by the entrance of Laforet.




Each floor has shops of its speciality and there is different themed shops so when you go in the building, you can walk around like you are treasure hunting.




Of course there are women’s brands




There are select shops  that focuses on men’s fashion too.




The Lolita-kei brands, which is picked up by Kawaii.i is on the B1.5floor.







There is a line up of tights by a Japanese brand, and there is also shops where you can get make-up items and hair accessories. You can also get items such as nail polishes, organic and fair trade foods.






There is a select shop that opened this spring that collects young Japanese designer’s items. The origin of the name HOYAJUKU comes from combining the words “Hoya-hoya (freshly created in Japanese)”young creator’s works and items and has “Harajuku”style things.




#777_Laforet-Harajuku_11-1s #777_Laforet-Harajuku_11-2s

From the fall’s Fashion Night Out event, the parties and events held in Laforet is very popular every time!




One of the characteristics of LaForet is the pop up shop. The new shops that has not yet had an official shop will sell their items as a limited time pop up shop at the entrance space or the 2nd floor container area. This is how the entrance looks like.



#777_Laforet-Harajuku_13-2s #777_Laforet-Harajuku_13-3s

Pop up shop at LaForet Harajyuku is something that new brands wish for and is a space that gives a brand the chance to become popular. There have been brands that no one really knew but after having a pop up shop in LaForet it grew to be successful. Currently in the 2nd floor, there are 6 spaces for the shops, and every two weeks it alternates with different pop up shops.



#777_Laforet-Harajuku_14-1s #777_Laforet-Harajuku_14-2s

Right next to the container space area, there is a food court and you can go there to rest and you can also use Wi-Fi.



#777_Laforet-Harajuku_14-3s #777_Laforet-Harajuku_15s


The shop staff that works in Laforet says “It is a place where you walk around and will find discoveries wherever you go”. The floors are distributed by 0.5 floors and like a treasure hunt, people come and go everyday. In Laforet Harajuku, you might find a fashion that describes you.


We made 360 degree movie where you can virtually experience being in Laforet Harajuku!


Laforet Harajuku Virtual Tour Part 1 by Kawaii.i (from main entrance down to B1.5F)

Laforet Harajuku Virtual Tour Part 2 by Kawaii.i (to the 2.5 floor from the entrance)

Laforet Harajuku Virtual Tour Part 3 by Kawaii.i (from the backstreet side entrance on the 2.5 floor to the 5th floor entrance of the LaForet museum)


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