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Introducing the third round Kawaii Leader ~ Beckii ~


There are 3 new Kawaii Leader for the third round and last time, we introduced Kazumi from Bolivia. Third Kawaii Leader we would like to introduce Beckii from UK.



Beckii is the one who won Kawaii.i A prize on Dolly Kawaii contest. She also had most vote on her full body shot and half body shot photos. Many of you may know her already, but Beckii has shown us the dolly style using pastel and creamy color. Although dolly style isn’t the only one that she likes, but she has coordinated and suited her very well.

BeckiiさんはDolly Kawaii contestでKawaii.i A賞を受賞しました。投票も一番多かったです。彼女はパステルとクリーミーな色を組み合わせたドーリースタイルを見せてくれました。さまざまなカワイイス タイルでコーディネートをしている彼女ですが、今回はBeckiiさんにお似合いのドーリースタイルでコンテストに応募してくれました。


Beckii sent us the messages below after she was told to become the 3rd round Kawaii Leader. “I am so incredibly honoured and thrilled to have been chosen as a new Kawaii Leader! It’s an absolute dream come true. I have been working so hard creating Kawaii content for people around the world for so many years, and I am just so happy for it to be recognised and to have the chance to spread it to more and more people. ”We are very happy that this selection has made one of her dreams come true. We hope Beckii will continue her great work!


「私 は、カワイイリーダーになれた事をすごく光栄に思っています。夢だった事が現実となり何年間にもわたってカワイイ文化についてのコンテンツ等を創ってきた かいがあった様におもえます。カワイイリーダーに選ばれた事をきっかけに今後も多くの方々にカワイイ文化を広めていきたいです。」



Beckii sometimes become shy, however she tries to see things very positive. She wants to be someone inspirational to other people. Beckii feels that Kawaii culture and sharing with someone who has same interests has given her more to her life. Being in the community of people who are sharing the Kawaii Culture, she feels excited and create great friends. Having community of people and having a quality time wither other can lead to a better life for people. Beckii might be intending to inspire people to have a happier life.



Beckii showed us sweet kawaii style and also mixture of gothic and sweet style. White dress and her ribbon headband is looking like character Alice from “Alice in Wonderland.”With the next style, Beckii showed us the mixture of black dark style dress and light colored wig. Although she has gothic dress, she doesn’t look too dark. It is an interesting mixture.



We hope you will have some ideas about new Kawaii Leaders. What do you think? We really hope they would use this opportunity to expand their activity for spreading Kawaii culture.


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