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Introducing the third round Kawaii Leader ~ Kazumi ~


There are 3 new Kawaii Leader for the third round. Second Kawaii Leader we would like to introduce Kazumi from Bolivia.




Do you remember about Kazumi?? She was on Kawaii International episode #46 “Leading the Global Kawaii Generation.” For those of you doesn’t remember Kazumi, she was selected for Kawaii.i C Prize on MIX-IT-UP Kawaii contest.  Kazumi showed us the great mixture of Bolivia’s cultural clothing with decora style.

皆さん、Kazumiさんを覚えていますか?彼女はKawaii Internationalのエピソード #46 “Leading the Global Kawaii Generation”に登場しました。Kazumiさんは、Kawaii.iの企画したMIX-IT-UPカワイイコンテストに参加し、見事にKawaii.i C賞に選ばれました。Kazumiさんはボリビアの伝統的な衣装とデコラスタイルをミックスした自作の衣装で応募をしてくれました。


Kazumi sent us the messages below after she was told to become the 3rd round Kawaii Leader.

 “I will do my best to continue promoting kawaii culture.  This year I would like to promote it in   activities in countries of Latin & Central America! Fashion shows, workshops…I have many ideas around my mind, I will work on them to make it real, and hope to be able to leave happy memories in many followers of Kawaii fashion. It is something really important for me, a great and wonderful responsibility.”

We are very much looking forward to your amazing activities in the future!






Kazumi’s fashion interests are decora and mixture on cultures and she has been working on promoting Kawaii in South America. Her interests are creating her own style by experimenting and educating on her own through the experiences she had. She enjoys sharing about her new discoveries. These interests are coming from her personality and passion. She likes to creating new things and styles, but not just the new style, but something more incorporative, such as creating things that could transmitting the messages. She would like to create so that people who has seen the style can also talk about the richness of cultures. Now that many girls have mixed kawaii and their background culture, it is only her. She feels that to take kawaii fashion as the way to express herself.




Kazumi feels that having many colors is something to represent happiness. She uses the many volumes and decorations on her hair. By bringing lots of colors to her head, our eyes are easily catching.



We hope you understood little bit more about Kazumi. Next report is about third one to become Kawaii Leader. Do you know who it is?


Kazumi’s info

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