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Introducing the third round Kawaii Leader ~ Kacey (a.k.a Purinrin)~



Have you watched “Kawaii International” show episode #47 yet? During the show, they announced the third round Kawaii Leader. One of the Kawaii Leader selected is Kacey (a.k.a Purinrin.) Since Kacey have been selected, we would like to feature about her and her style.

”Kawaii International” エピソード47をご覧になりましたか?今回の放送では、第3期のカワイイリーダーを発表しました。そのカワイイリーダーの一人がPurinrinことKaceyさんに決定!今回は第3期カワイイリーダーに任命されたKaceyさんの特集です。



As you know, Kacey was won Kawaii.i B Prize and Kawaii International Award as a 2nd  (selected by One of “Kawaii International” show’s MC Misha Jannet) for MIX-IT-UP Kawaii Contest organized by Kawaii.i in 2015. Kacey is studies fashion at one of the prestigious design university, Parsons The New School for Design. Of course not just the originality of the clothes, but her deep thoughts on backgrounds and layout also reflected to capture our eyes during her application towards the contest.

KaceyさんはKawaii.iの企画したMIX-IT-UP Kawaiiコンテストで、見事にKawaii.B賞と”Kawaii International”のMCをつとめるミーシャ・ジャネットさんが選定したKawaii International Award 2位の両方に抜擢されました。さすがアメリカの名門校パーソンズ美術大学に通っているだけのあり、Kaceyさんのオリジナリティあふれる自作の服に加え、写真の背景や構成などへのこだわりもあり、コンテスト参加当初から非常に目を惹く応募でした。



We have received a message from Kacey about selected as a Kawaii Leader.

“Becoming Kawaii Leader, I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of it, so I’m very honored and excited for this! I can’t wait to expand experiences and engage others. I’ve pretty much been immersed in Kawaii culture since I was little. I love all subculture fashion and love experimenting styles. I’m more fond of creepy cute, Lolita, and Decora fashion, I hope to make a brand that has them all!”

今回はKacey さんから、喜びのメッセージと意気込みをいただきました!




As Kacey’s messages above, Her dream is to have her original brand in the future and she is currently attending the final year of university, and working her final project very hard. Kacey used to be shy in the past, but as she started to enjoy sharing and talking to people about anime, manga & fashion, she overcome her shyness and become outgoing and honest gradually. Now she can describe herself as carefree and fun! It is great to hear Kawaii culture became a trigger to gain confidence and enjoy the time with community that she can share her interests. This effort won’t come in just one day of trying, but her passion and courage to made changes in her. And Kacey have worked great on her change!




Lastly, we asked Kacey to share her fashion style with us! She showed us cosplay fashion of Hatsune Miku, and mixture of anime, and slight scary kawaii style. For Hatsune Miku cosplay normally wears uniform style whereas Kacey mixed with white Lolita dress for the photo.




Second style, she used has pink hair styled as character from anime “Sailor Moon”. For this style, she is wearing tops with characters that one side of the eyes have eye-patches. This tops says 「鬼の子供」which means children of demon. It shows the contrast of sweet image of child and the demon, which combined creepy kawaii and anime well. Her style is to show the mixture of what she enjoys.



We hope you understood little more about our third round Kawaii Leader Kacey!

If you are interested about her, check out her blogs and our Kawaii Leader page!






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