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We have introduced brand called gouk a few times in Kawaii.i before. It is a popular brand that incorporates Japanese traditional “Wa-style” into your daily style. During the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, gouk announced their 2016 fall and winter collection.
So today, we would like to report to you about the fashion show and items. Also, we interviewed the designer of gouk, Kunitomo-san about his creation.



All the items from gouk has been designed by Kunimoto-san. There were 50 styles introduced during the collection, all of which have been recreated from vintage kimono. Although all the designs are one and only items, attendees of the fashion show was able to purchase.



Isn’t it pretty cool that you can purchase the items that were worn on the runway? The fashion show was even more exciting, because it looked more like a window shopping.



For this collection, the Japanese traditional fabric called “Meisen” was used often, “Meisen” fabric has very vivid color and patterns that could blur which softly differentiate the different colors on the fabric.



This scarf is using “Meisen” too. Meisen and other fabric’s stitching are woven in a zigzag. Connecting zigzag method was learnt from how the pattern of “Meisen” fabric looked.



On a tweed fabric, you can see a golden dragon and crane as well as in modern geometric shape. The beauty of the fabric is that you can feel the modernity in the traditional style.



Kunimoto-san mentioned that this beautiful curve silhouette of the shoes was created from “how deeply focused on the bottom of the wood. It has been curved both front and the back part of the shoes, which gives the Geta-sandal like shape that appeared during the fashion show. Also, there is the Japanese traditional decoration called “Obijime” on the front side of the shoes. This technique is something that only gouk can do, since gouk has deep understanding on both Japanese traditional art and craft technique, and also current fashion.



The items announced during the fashion show were not just clothes and shoes. There were many accessories made with Japanese technology. There are meticulous hair accessory inspired by the autumn, reversible belt, and etc… All the items are something that you can incorporate in your everyday fashion for starters!


The items are all items which if you can ask them create the same design from the fashion show with different colors, patterns, or even sizes. Maybe the popularity of gouk lies within the fact that they cater one by one for each customer.

商品はすべて一点ものなので、希望すればサイズの調節もしてくれます。また相談すれば、コレクションで発表されたアイテムと同じ形で柄違いや色違いを作ることも可能です。こういうお客様を思ったサービスもまた goukの魅力のひとつなのかもしれません。


The gouk’s fashion show we have been this time, it has pulled us in to the meticulous and unique world of gouk. Why not incorporate a bit of Japanese style into your everyday look from gouk?


Editor Hitomi, Kasumi

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