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We went to one of the hottest second hand store in Harajuku right now, Santonibunnoichi! One of the characteristics of Santonibunnoichi is that there are a lot of pastel colors. The staff Ikumi showed us her recommended pastel fashion.



With the soft pink cotton shirt, she combined it with bustier. It gives you the soft look with the hint of ladylike maturity.



She chose purple pastel pajama pants for the bottoms. The loose silhouette like the pajama pants are very popular in Harajuku right now. She tied it with the voluminous string that serves as a belt to bring together the loose look. It makes a perfect balance.
Ikumi says, “I like to wear second hand clothes like it doesn’t look like second hand clothes nor casual.”



The store is colorful filled with pastel items. In Santonibunnoichi, pastel colors are very popular and if they put it in the store, it sells out very quickly.



Although Santonibunnoichi is a second hand store, they have original items too. This quilting skirt is one of them. The skirt is yet pastel color!

PRICE: Quilting Skirt 9,800JPY



This One-piece dress uses vintage materials. Even if it is the same material, depending on where you cut it, it gives that one and only original pattern!

PRICE: Re-make One-piece dress 7,800JPY





The store has mainly pastel colored items as well as cute accessories and dolls. Usually they do not have price tags on their items, so it looks like it is a place with the collection of just cute items!
When you look at the wall, you see the paper that has the SNS screen printed on it! The casual conversation on SNS of the staffs, to the plant that the staff forgot to water it… you can feel the warmth of the Santonibunnoichi staffs.



There are items aside from pastels in Santonibunnoichi. Although the Harajuku shop only opened just a year ago, there are fashionistas all over Japan that comes here to find many cute, warm and different genres of second hand clothes.




There is a pastel colored building in the streets of Harajuku. Santonibunnoichi is in the yellow building. When you come to Japan and enjoy the cool environment of Santonibunnoichi and enjoy shopping, we are sure that you will make a great memory as well as get great clothes.


Editor Kasumi

3F building Yellow 4-26-28 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.
*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.


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