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From the brand where you can get the mix of cool Asian taste kimono and daily clothes, Qutie Frash, we show you their latest Japanese print coordinate. The first one that we show is the water-like fairy coordinate.

PRICE: Kimono cardigan 23,000JPY, China one-piece dress 16,000JPY, Pannier skirt 15,000JPY, Ribbon obi-belt 14,500JPY

クールアジアンテイストの着物とデイリー服をミックスしたアイテムが揃うQutie Frashからステキな和柄コーデを紹介します。最初に紹介するのは、まるで水の妖精のような雰囲気を放っているこちらのコーデです。


Although it is set as the blue items, there are different shades of blue. It is a coordinate not just fun to wear, but to see too! By exposing shoulder down, you can give the feminine look.



By mixing and matching different patterned collars, your fashionable powers up! Because the 3 different laces on the collars, you can enjoy the not typical coordinate from always.



For the waist, they chose big Japanese patterned big ribbon. When the volume focuses on the waist, you can make yourself look more slender. The lacey flouncy-ness gives the femininity and the big flowered black lace is cute too.



There are frills on the back so it gives a gorgeous impression. If you walk around the city, you will be the center of the attention.



When you think about Japanese print or Kimono, you might think about one pattern, but at Qutie Frash, there are different types of items. What kind of coordinate will we be showing you next?

和柄や着物というと、ワンパターンのイメージが強いかもしれませんが、Qutie Frashには多種多様なアイテムが揃っています。次に紹介するコーデはどんなコーデなのでしょうか。


The next item we will show you is this coordinate. Although it is a chic combination with black and white, it is a cool coordinate, which draws your attention.

PRICE: Triangle jacket 17,500JPY, Chinese tunic 15,500JPY, Cross camisole 5,900JPY, Balloon long skirt 17,500, Corset 14,000JPY



There are dragons everywhere and you can sense the movement in the coordinate. The frill corsets add the bigger look and puts the whole look together.
Qutie Frash has their meticulous details and keeps on creating from cute to cool Japanese patterned coordinate in Japan. There are unlimited ways of mix and matching your coordinate. How will you style it?

Qutie Frashならではのこだわりのアイテムによって、かわいい系からクール系まで日本ならではの和柄コーデができます。アイテムの組み合わせ次第でコーデは無限大。あなたはどんなコーデにしたいですか?

Editor Yuka


Arcobaleno Magia
1-15-1-6F Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.
*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.


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