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Recently, Kimono is not just considered as traditional wear but as fashion too. This time from Qutie Frash, we show you Japanese printed coordinate, which is a mix of Kimono and daily clothes.
First, this coordinate mainly used red, which is the Japanese Kimono’s traditional color. Not only Japanese print but voluminous skirt which uses different material is very cute too.

PRICE:Kimono cardigan 18,000JPY, Cross camisole 5,900JPY, China One-piece dress 19,500JPY, Corset 21,000, Boot cut pants 13,500JPY

最近は着物は成人式など伝統衣装行事用の衣装というだけではなく、ファッションとしても楽しめるようになってきています。今回はQutie Frashから着物とデイリー服をミックスした和柄コーデをご紹介します。


The fleece is the long sleeve, which Japanese women wear for the coming of age day or wedding. It is Qutie Frash’s characteristic that you can wear a Japanese-like Kimono.

袖部分は、日本の女性が成人式や結婚式などに着る振袖のような長い袖となっています。日本人らしい着物の着こなしができるのは、Qutie Frashならではのこだわりです。


On the chest and by the neck, there is a red flower and Japanese style prints. You can take off the collar by the neck so you can style however you like.
The items by Qutie Frash are usually sod separately so you can enjoy your original coordinate however you like it.

Qutie Frashのアイテムはそれぞれ別売りのため、自分オリジナルのコーデが楽しめるのも魅力の一つです。


The corset of the waist has a cool part, the black lace with the red-buttoned Asian lace. It matches with the other items that it does not look like separate items.
The pants on flair on the ending and it make your legs look slender. The 2 Japanese print pattern of the flair gives a high fashionable point.



The back style is very beautiful too. Especially the waist part where it is tied with the corset and the voluminous skirt gives a feminine touch.



The next coordinate we will show you is this coordinate. Unlikely the coordinate from before, it is a cool coordinate that make you look like a Bushi-warrior. Beautiful warrior is a perfect name for this look.

PRICE:Kimono cardigan 19,000JPY, Innerwear tunic 16,000JPY, Corset 11,000JPY, Sarouel pants 15,000JPY



In the clean white, there is a purple Japanese print, which pulls out the coolness in this coordinate. The three belt on the corset gives a cool look too.


#746_Qutie-Frash_009s #746_Qutie-Frash_010s

For the skirt, the floral print and dragon motif design is on it. They have small details until the end of the skirt and very beautiful.



On the sleeve, there is a big dragon, and has a big impact. The back is the mix of white and navy, and it makes you look more slender. The long hem look like a gentleman’s cool cape! If you would like to try the Japanese print style, why not try Qutie Frash?

少し変わった和柄スタイルに挑戦してみたい方は、Qutie Frashにトライしてみてはいかがでしょうか?

Editor Yuka


Arcobaleno Magia
1-15-1-6F Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.
*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.


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