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Clothes with the concept of “Japanese Wa (Japanese-ness)”, we were shown the spring style from the graceful gouk which has the mix of Japanese and Lolita together. What Gimmy is wearing is the gothic-ish original gouk coordinate.



#744_gouk_02s #744_gouk_03s

The cylinder shaped outer is the always popular item in gouk. There are many different textures and prints that many different types are being announced that there are collectors. The sleeves are like a kimono and since the material is wide, the Japanese print stands out. There are laces on the sleeves too!
PRICE: Kimono-sleeve Outer 14,800JPY




The corset and the lace up is the popular motif by gouk. Of course there are Japanese prints. This Japanese print is the same one as the outer before, and is 2016 spring/ summer design. There is cherry blossoms drawn all over it and the light color gives a spring look.
PRICE: Cut Sew with Corset 12,800JPY




Actually, on the short pants, there is the same Japanese print on it! Like this, if you coordinate by using the same patterned item, it looks put together and each item stands out like the main character, so it is a point of gouk items that you can easily incorporate it in your coordinate!
PRICE: Short Pants 9,500JPY

実 は、ショートパンツにも 同じ和柄が使われています。このように同じ柄のアイテムでコーディネートすればもちろんまとまりますし、ひとつひとつのアイテムが主役級なのでいつもの コーディネートに一点加えるだけで気軽に和柄を取り入れることもできるのがgoukのアイテムの特徴のひとつです。



We were shown another recommended item for this spring. This is also yellowish green and the cherry blossom pink makes it a spring coordinate.



#744_gouk_07s #744_gouk_08s

Like that cylinder outer, there are many traditional shapes at gouk. The collar and the sleeves cut sewn that looks like a kimono is one of them. The color is very spring, and since it is cut and sewn, so you can match it with everyday coordinate.
PRICE: Kimono-collar Cut Sew 11,000JPY




On the same cherry blossom print one-piece, there is popular lace-up as well. Although the items are very standard but if you match it together, you can feel the Japanese-ness. Although Japanese prints stand out, like gouk clothes, by incorporating point by point then all over it, it not only adds Japanese-ness, but becomes the point for the coordinate.
PRICE: One-piece Dress 23,000JPY




The patterns are all original by gouk. The secret of gouk is that they added seasons and trend in the traditional Japanese print.



#744_gouk_11s #744_gouk_12s

With the print by gouk, there are accessories that the artists had created, and depending on the part that they used, how the pattern looks is very different so they are all unique accessories. It is one of the cool things about using the big prints.




gouk sells their original prints material by itself, It is very popular since you can incorporate these prints in the places that you want, as many as you want!





In the store, we found this cute doll. This doll is called the “ugly princess”, and is wearing a gorgeous outfit. This is all original material and print by gouk. In the materials and prints that are meticulous were all in the doll and in the parts of the store.




gouk gallery which just opened in December by remodeling the old Japanese house! You can experience Japanese culture, and fashion, and feel like it will be the new spot in Tokyo.



Editor Kasumi



1F, 2-43-4, Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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