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Dolly Kawaii Contest 2015


Collaboration project with Kawaii.i
Dolly Kawaii Contest
Entry: October 31 – December 7, 2015
Result Announcement: January 2, 2016


First of all, thank you very much for those of you who have entered the Dolly Kawaii Contest. We appreciate each one of you who have supported during the contest. Because of your application we reached more than 200 applications from around the world.

まず始めに、Dolly Kawaii Contestに参加した皆様に感謝申し上げます。コンテストに参加してくれた方のみでなく、投票に参加してくれた方もご協力ありがとうございました。皆様のご協力から200名以上の方に参加していただくことができました。

Kawaii.i holds the contest to search for future Kawaii Leader. Winning the prize on this Kawaii Leader Search Contest, will gain Kawaii.i’s attention to the winner, however becoming Kawaii Leader in the future will require proper cooperation on spreading Kawaii culture and how they are improving on influencing Kawaii culture.

Kawaii.iは、未来のカワイイリーダーを選ぶコンテストを行っています。「Kawaii Leader Search Contest」で選ばれた方々はKawaii.iが認めた、素晴らしい方々ですが、まだリーダー候補という立ち位置です。もっとカワイイ文化を広めて、是非カワイイリーダーを目指してください。


【Kawaii.i A prize (Swankiss)】
Beckii (UK)



 Kawaii.i A prize goes to Beckii from UK.
The reasons for Kawaii.i to choose Beckii was, the photo she had posted was capturing kawaii.i team. Beckii have been organised her photos expressively, which she has organised not only her style, but also the background. Beckii have described very thoroughly on her styling point as well as on how she wanted to spread Kawaii culture. One of the plus points about Beckii was the number of subscribers and followers on her SNS and media. Her enthusiasm towards kawaii culture was very visible.

Kawaii.i A賞はイギリスのベッキーさんです。テーマに会わせたスタイリングが目を引きました。また彼女のカワイイ文化への情熱とカワイイ文化を広めるための具体的な方法等、彼女なりの考えなどが記載されていました。彼女のSNSのフォロワーの多さも大きなポイントです。写真の構成はもちろんですが、カワイイ文化への情熱等を全体的に考慮した結果、ベッキーさんを選びました。


【Kawaii.i B prize (Angelic Pretty)】

Reira (Vietnam)

Reira_Vietnam2Kawaii_s Reira_VietnamKawaii_s

Kawaii.i B prize goes to Reira from Vietnam. Reira have surprised us with ability or making the photo with well created background to match with her theme. Her passion and reason for wanting to spreading kawaii culture is something that many of kawaii culture lover have encountered, which we find potential that she will be empathising with many girls who likes Kawaii culture.

Kawaii.i B賞はベトナムのレイラさんです。Kawaii.iチームは、彼女の写真構成力に注目しました。彼女のコーディネートは、背景の細部にまでこだわりがみられました。彼女がカワイイ文化に触れたきっかけや、今後への期待についても書いてくれました。彼女のカワイイ文化に対する情熱や彼女の経験等が、多くのカワイイ文化ファンを引っ張ってゆく力になるのではないか、という思いからレイラさんを選定しました。


【Kawaii.i C prize (Dolly package: some make-up kit and eye lashes etc.)】

Kiki (USA)



Kawaii.i C prize goes to Kiki from USA. Kawaii.i A prize winner Beckii from UK, have also won the vote, however since Beckii have won the Kawaii.i A prize, she has kindly declined and pass on the C prize to second place on the vote. The vote has been calculated with the number of the vote on two of the photos that you have entered with.

Kawaii.i C賞はアメリカのキキさんが受賞しました。投票の一番多かった方はKawaii.i A賞のイギリスのベッキーさんでしたが、Kawaii.i A賞の受賞が決定したため、Kawaii.i C賞を辞退して頂いたため、2番目に投票が多かったキキさんが選ばれました。投票の結果は応募の際に送って頂いた2枚の写真両方の投票数を足した数の多い方を選びました。

【Kawaii International Award】

The winner of Risa Nakamura’s choice of Kawaii International award goes to Chieko from France! Congratulations!

Chieko (France)
Black x Dolly look



2nd Place
Dolly bear kawaii style


3rd Place
Nostalgic barbie style


Congratulations to Chieko from France for winning Kawaii International Award!! Also congratulations on winning 2nd place Alisa from Israel and 3rd place for Honey from Australia. Regarding comment for Kawaii International Award, please click the URL below! There will be Risa Nakamura’s comments on her choices!

Kawaii International Contest page

Kawaii International AwardにはフランスのChiekoさんが選ばれました!おめでとうございます。2位に選ばれたイスラエルのAlisaさんと3位に選ばれた Honeyさんもおめでとうございます中村理沙さんからのコメントは上記のURLにありますのでチェックしてくださいね!


Congratulations to all the winners! From the entries of this contest, we have been seeing many good contestants; however they have been lacking some of the information, such as SNS and how to spread Kawaii culture. We would like to seek for Kawaii Leader from these contests in the future, which preferably wants to see the ability of communication.


As many of you know, Kawaii Leader is a influencer of Kawaii. In order to be chosen, it is not only fashion style, but also the ability to express with words, ability to convey messages on SNS, and being a leader of the community is also one of the requirements. Kawaii.i contest is to look for prospective of the Kawaii Leader.

Compare to previous contest, this year has styling theme. Even if it’s challenging, please think it’s the chance to express your style creatively. Also, Kawaii.i will keep on having contests in the future, so there will be more chance for you to submit your creative styling in the future contest! We are looking forward to your future entry on our next contest.