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Showing off skin is one of the most important things for Gyarus but how do they enjoy winter fashion? We went to GLAD NEWS a brand that expresses cool and strong women, to go find cool winter Gyaru fashion.

First we show you a coordinate where the Chester coat is the main piece. It looks put together with the monotone.

肌見せが勝負のギャル、冬は一体どのようにファッションを楽しんでいるのでしょうか?クールで強くてかっこいい女性を表現し続けるGLAD NEWSへかっこいいギャルの冬ファッションを探しに行きました。



This simple one-piece is very warm as well as feminine with the loose turtleneck silhouette. You can enjoy the length of the slit depending on the day and the mood.

PRICE: Turtleneck One-piece Dress 7,900JPY



The checkered print Chester Coat is monotone but the material gives a soft look. But wait till and see the real technique of GLAD NEWS.

PRICE: Chester Coat with Spindle 17,800JPY

チェック柄のチェスターコートもモノトーンながらもやわらかい素材がいいアクセントになっています。しかし、GLAD NEWSならではのこだわりはここからなんです。


The collar is ornate with leather and studs and the back and sleeves has spindle on it! There’s more than just fluffy-ness, and GLAD NEWS is very detailed!

襟もとはレザーとスタッズ、背中と袖にはスピンドルが施されています。ふわふわだけでは終わらせない、こんなディテールへのこだわりこそGLAD NEWSの真骨頂!


There are different colors in Chester coat. Although it is all black, thanks to the material, you don’t look too edgy.



MIKI says, “It’s cute to pair with this jacket!” This Riders is long sleeved and is made out from different material for the sleeves and the body. The body is fluffy boa material. You can enjoy black fashion with different material, and you can be fashionista!

PRICE: Fur Riders Jacket 17,800JPY



This is the different color in white. You can distinguish different material in white more!
Did you know that the previous Chester coat and Riders are both unisex design? Women can wear it in oversize way and men can wear it in just size.



GLAD NEWS has many unisex items. Like this Parka jacket is unisex too! In GLAD NEWS there is always a skull motif printed on it, which is very popular! Look at the collar!

GLAD NEWSではユニセックスのアイテムがたくさん揃っています。例えばこちらのパーカーもユニセックス。GLAD NEWSでは常に人気の骨モチーフがプリントされています。首元にさらに注目!


There is a skull that has a nose piercing on the neck! For guys it can look cool, and for girls you can look cute! The illustration is depicted in a playful way!



We found the playfulness here as well! It is not so real but comical! In the coolness we can see the comicalness. It is a balance of cute and cool!



The winter cool Gyarus show off their skin a bit, oversized clothes and wore prints to pullout girly-ness. Look cool for this year’s winter with the stylish Gyaru style.


Editor Kasumi


Shibuya 109 6F 2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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