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Angelic Pretty in Paris 2015 report!



Angelic Pretty, one of the popular Lolita brands hosted a tea party and introduced new collections at Shangri-La Hotel in Paris on July 4th, 2015. As part of the collaboration project of Angelic Pretty and NHK World’s TV program ‘Kawaii International,’ Rin Rin, one of the popular models of Angelic Pretty took part in the event with the brand new collection dress. The exciting event will be shown on ‘Kawaii International’ on August 29th. Here are some sneak peek of the new collections and the experiences of the event with Rin Rin.

2015年7月4日、パリのシャングリラホテルでロリータの人気ブランドAngelic Prettyのお茶会と新作のお披露目がおこなわれました。
そしてNHK World の番組「Kawaii International」とのコラボレーション企画として、Rin Rinがモデルとして登場し、その様子は8月29日の番組で紹介されます。



The new collections of Angelic Pretty. Six dresses were introduced by Rin Rin and five other models in front of Lolita fashion enthusiasts.

 アンジェリック・プリティの新作がお披露目されました。ロリータ・ファッションの熱烈なファンの前で、Rin Rinを含む5名のモデルさんたちが6着のドレスを披露。

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Rin Rin in a blue and purple pastel colored Lolita dress.  The lace gloves and pearl accessories nicely match the dress.




Approximately 80 Lolitas joined the event this year. Some are from Germany, Spain and Russia.



Martin and Marie are from Germany. They purchased German magazine called ‘Daisuki (now out of print)’ two years ago and fell in love with Lolita fashion. Marie is holding her handmade stick that matches her dress design.



Yoki is working for a fashion magazine company in Spain.  She became a big fan of Lolita fashion two years ago when she was inspired by photos of Ms. Misako Aoki, a Lolita fashion model.



Lolitas in black dresses with a great combination of gold and white colors.Alice (left) and Elena (right) came all the way from Moscow (Russia) to enjoy the event.



Ludovic (left) and Mila (right) are from France. Ludovic met Lolita fashion five years ago when a girl who sit next to him during high school exam was in Lolita fashion. As many of you have watched our TV program ‘Kawaii International,’ Mila is one of our Kawaii Leaders. Purple shoes with bowtie nicely match her handbag.

ルドビック(左)とミラ(右)は地元フランス出身。ルドビックは5年前、高校時代に試験で隣に座ったロリータファッションの女の子から影響を受けたそう。Kawaii Internationalをご覧になっている方にはお馴染みのミラは、我がカワイイリーダーのひとり。リボンのついた紫の靴とハンドバックが素敵にマッチ。



The tea party and the collaboration project with Rin Rin was a huge success in front of multi-national Lolitas. Angelic Pretty is planning to hold another tea party next year as well.




Angelic Pretty

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