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You can enjoy being like a princess, and a doll at Princess Doll, just like its brand name! You will feel naturally happy by wearing it. The first outfit shown by Aya is this one-piece dress.
It is beautiful mint blue A-line one-piece dress. You can go full out girly. There is no elastic on the skirt waist, so you can wear it without caring about the size. All the items from Princess Dolls are made with shirring design and A line design, so people with any body type can wear it!
PRICE: Dreaming Dress 22,800JPY

ブランド名のとおり、着るとお姫様のような、お人形のような気分が楽しめちゃうPrincess Dollのお洋服。綾さんがまず紹介してくれたのは、こちらのワンピース。
きれいなミントブルーのこちらのAラインワンピース。とことん女の子らしく着こなせちゃいます。ウエストにゴムなどもないため、サイズを気にせず着られちゃいます。Princess Dollのお洋服はどれも、シャーリング加工やAライン仕様となっているため、どんな体系の人でも着ることができる、うれしい作りになっているんです。


These are half sleeve cuffs. The white ribbon really brings out the beautiful white background. The lace of the neck has dotted designs. The lightweight fabric and translucent lace will give you more summery feel.



The rims are made with gather design, and there are big ribbons on the each side. You can be fully girly with this item!



This headdress is full lace, and this is the biggest size in Princess Doll. The ribbon for the neck is thick, and will stand out that will make you look stylish.

こちらのヘッドドレスは総レースで、Princess Dollで一番大きいつくりとなっています。首にくくりつけるリボンも太めで目立つので、首もとまでおしゃれ度をアップしてくれます。


The next item that she showed us is this total print one-piece dress. The name is “Mountain of night stars falling on me one-piece dress. ” Aya told us that she designed it to make the people who wear this feel kind and soft. It is a bit high-waist so you can style-up your look.
PRICE: Night star accumulate on me Dress 28,500JPY



They use satin material with bit of shine, and there are gold laces on the chest area, so it will make you look gorgeous. The blouse’s chest lace inside will make you feel like a princess too.



For the waist ribbon, it uses one that is transparent so you can wear your one-piece without hiding any prints. The ribbons are removable so you can make it casual without the ribbon. You can wear this in any scene.



This is the close up of the print. If you look closely, it is drawing, and angels playing with the stars. The castle is very romantic and has a storyline so it makes you feel like you are in the world of fairytales. On the sleeves, the moon and the stars on the navy fabric brings out a great color contrast.



The unbleached cotton fabric in different color will make you feel extra kind. The navy gives you an image of a midnight, and the unbleached cotton gives you an image of the daytime.


#662_princessdoll_10s #662_princessdoll_11s

There are headband and the lace bracelet made with the same material. If you get these three, you can have the complete look.



This bag has “Watatsumousa-chan” written on it. This was made with the stars on the one-piece dress. The ribbon has wire in it, so you do not have to worry about the shape being ruined. You can put A4 size paper in it, and can be used in daily life. With this tote bag and one-piece dress, you can casual down.



The last one we will show you is that Princess Doll 10 year anniversary elegant one-piece dress. It is bright white so it looks like a wedding dress.

最後に紹介するのは、Princess Doll10周年を記念して作られた上品なこちらのワンピース。純白でレースが多用されているので、まるでウェディングドレスみたい。


Dor the chest, you can look gorgeous and elegant with the feathered blouse with pearl and stitching necklace. You can become a woman with class. With the flamingo on the skirt, we matched it with the gold flamingo gold necklace, to give unity.



This is the back sty;e. there are layers of soft lace. This is the classical Lolita style.
There are many simple plain yet girly one-piece dress, and some has patterns that is very detailed which tells the story of the one-piece dress. You can enjoy feeling like different types of dolls at Princess Doll. It was a very precious store that you want to go there often!

バックスタイルはこちら。ふわふわのレースが何層にも重なっています。The classical ロリータスタイルですね。無地のシンプルななかにも女の子らしさが詰まったワンピースもあり、総柄でストーリー性の高いワンピースもあり。いろんなお人形さん気分が味わえるPrincess Doll。足しげく通いたくなっちゃう、とっても素敵なお店でした。


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