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This time we went to BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT main store in Harajuku! This store has many customers who wear Lolita style in their daily life. We asked the main store manager, Rin about the ultimate summer Lolita coordinate and come back trendy items!

PRICE: Coppelia Flower Waltz Jumper Skirt 34,800JPY, Head Dress owned by the model, Princess Drop Yura Yura comb 3,800JPY, Stripe Blouse owned by the model,  Tulle Lace Cuffs owned by the model.  Fuwa-Fuwa Panier 8,900JPY, Torchon Lace Tulle Panier 8,900JPY, Torchon Lace Drawers 8,900JPY, Lacy Lace Up Socks 4,000JPY, BABY Victoir Shoes 14,800JPY

原宿にあるBABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHTの本店に行ってきました!こちらのお店は、普段着からロリータ服を着ているお客さんが多いお店。そんな本店の店長のりんさんに、夏のロリータコーデの極意と再旬アイテムを聞いてみました。


” Lolita clothes do not change layering and the amount you put on in the summer. Although the temperate you fell will. It differ but the summer Lolita coordinate point is how well you make your outfit breezy and summery” says Rin. Although it is long below the knees style, it uses lace and translucent material flowers and ribbons so it will look breezy.




To balance out with the jumper skirt that has volume, she chose out princess sleeve blouse. Although there is transparency in the blouse material, it is a must check out point for summer coordinate.



The head piece is a summer straw hat material! This incorporates the taste of the trendy straw hat. Although the straw hat was released, it was so popular that it sold out very quickly.
PRICE: Head Dress owned by the model, Princess Drop Yura Yura comb 3,800JPY



Look summery from your toes. With the translucent lacy socks, it will make your whole coordinate summer breezy.
PRICE: Lacy Lace Up Socks 4,000JPY, BABY Victoria Shoes 14,800JPY



It you look at the whole coordinate, it looks like this! This jumpers skirt that is the point for this coordinate is “Flower waltz Coppelia”. This is “Exlibris Coppelia series” which is filled with lace and is a very popular clothes!

全身で見るとこんな感じです。コーデのポイントになっているジャンパースカートは、「Coppelia 花のワルツ」。こちらは、[Ex libris Coppeliaシリーズ]の、レースをふんだんにあしらった、大変人気のお洋服なのです。

#674_BABY_08-1s #674_BABY_08-2s

This is the Coppelia series original print. It looks like a children’s book! It is filled with the world of the original BABY’s!



This is Coppelia reading a book. This print’s jumper skirt was actually designed and was sold!



This is the outfit that Coppelia is wearing.
PRICE: Ex Libris the DOLLS Jumper Skirt 42,000JPY



This is the jumper skirt that became the model of Coppelia series. Your heart will melt by being actually able to wear the characters that appear in the print!
PRICE: Ex Libris the DOLLS Ribbon Jumper Skirt 27,800JPY



There are other items that will melt your heart if you come to the store. In BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, when the new items are released, many famous items will be sold out just from the reservation! It is Lolita’s daily routine to go visit the shop and check out the latest item!

他にも、お店に来るとワクワクするアイテムがたくさん。新作が出るたびに、人気商品は予約で完売になるアイテムも多いBABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHTです。お店に遊びに行って、いちはやく最新アイテムをチェックするのは、ロリータさんの日常なのです。


In one item there are many stories behind it. You will want to enjoy the breezy summer coordinate by embracing the world of Lolita fashion.



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