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Kawaii Tutorial #8 – Cat Eye Makeup With Yunkoro



Hello, I’m Yunkoro. I will be teaching you Gyaru makeup.
The theme of this tutorial is total “cat eye” makeup.


First, eye shadow! It’s important to create a natural gradation.
Use a thick brush to add highlights.


Brush it on the whole eyelid from just under the highest point of the eyebrow arc.

Next, add gold over the highlights using a thin brush.


Brush it around the whole eye. Like this.

And, dark brown. This time, I use the mini-brush to draw a line.


Trace the crease of the eyelid.


Because I’ll be curving the line up for this cat-eye makeup, the eye shadow needs to be curved up too.
If it’s not curved up it won’t match with the eye-liner.
So I’ll curve the shadow up as well to fit with the eye liner.

Next is fake eyelashes!


Use lashes that have long outer corners, a must for cat eye makeup.


Place the fake eyelashes right above your real eyelashes and press firmly with your fingers until the glue dries.


The place to attach the fake eyelashes is 1cm from the inner corner of the eye. 
And a bit over the corner of the eye. This makes the eye look wider.

Next, add eye shadow under the eyes for a droopy eye effect.


Use dark brown eye shadow.


Putting a bit of brown on the corner of the eye makes the eyes look droopy.


Add black with pencil, to make her eyes even more droopy.


If it’s too black it starts to look like old gyaru style, so be careful.
Cat-eye flare along with droopy eyes is really trendy right now.


Cut the lower fake eyelashes into 3 parts.
First, she does the outer eye.
Next, she puts on the center piece.
The inner eye is last.


I cut the eyelashes into 3 parts, because that way it’s easier to fit to the width and curve of your eye.
I think it’s the best way to use them.

Last comes the eyeliner. It’s critical for cat eye makeup. Eyeliner with a thin point is best.


I’ll start to draw it from the end of the pupil and curve it up steeply. 
Draw it thin at first and then over it again to make it bolder.


Her sweet-and-spicy cat eye makeup masterpiece is complete!


With the curved line on top and droopy line below, you get a sweet-and-spicy cat-eye look, kind of a rock n’ roll style.
I think it fits well with club fashion. And it’s not too much so anyone can copy it.


This was Yunkoro with a Gyaru makeup tutorial.

Bye bye.