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This summer, we introduce you the clothes that will make you stand out by becoming from head to toe watermelon! The pop and cute patterned item that we used is from Candy Stripper. From the store in Harajuku’s shopping road, we were shown the watermelon pattern, picking up the new upcoming item! The veteran shop staff for 8 years, MAEDA showed us the coordinate!
PRICE: Watermelon One-piece dress 18,800JPY, Watermelon Pouch 7,000JPY, Socks 1,600JPY, Shoes 28,800JPY,

 この夏、全身でスイカになれる大胆な服が登場。そんなポップでカワイイ柄ものを作ったブランドは、Candy Stripper。原宿にある路面店で、このスイカ柄をいち早く見せてもらってきました。コーデしてくれたのは、スタッフ歴8年のベテラン、前田さんです。


Look at this amazing dye! The intricate gradation and the white fruit pulps are impeccable! It is hand dyed one by one in Japan, and the black part is not a dot but actually seed shaped.



It’s not just the sleeves but it can be observed that they even dyed the collar like the watermelon too! Candy Stripper always releases their dyed items every summer.

裾だけでなく、襟元にも同じスイカ染めをしたこだわりがうかがえます。Candy Stripperでは、夏には毎年染めのアイテムを出しているとのこと。


Look at this summer breezy pouch! We recommend bringing it to the pool or the festival in summer. This color is in pink but they are also available in red and yellow.
PRICE: Watermelon Porch 7,000JPY




For the leg wear, she coordinated strawberry like pink and green style. The pattern doesn’t have to be watermelon, but you can pull off the total coordinate by matching the colors! That truly is a master skill by the shop staff!
PRICE: Socks 1,600JPY, Sandals 28,800JPY



For the watermelon pattern, it is also available in red. The shape is A-line one-piece dress and there is also T-shirt one-piece dress too!
PRICE: Skirt 14,800JPY



There is even a Watermelon Ring! It made out of acryl and the color is perfect for summer! Layering rings are also cute too!
PRICE: Watermelon Ring 5,900JPY



 We coordinated with the fruit patterned bag! This cherry clutch bag was inspired by candy package! It is also made out from the material that shines like the aurora, so it will be a stand out point for your total coordinate.
PRICE: Candy Package Bag 11,800JPY




Another popular pattern is the panda character “PEPE” in the cherry. PEPE has been a character of Candy Stripper that has been loved by fans since 2007. There is always an item that has PEPE in it every season.
PRICE: One Piece 14,800JPY

 柄ものには、チェリーの中にパンダのキャラクター「ペペちゃん」がいるシリーズも人気です。ペペちゃんは、2007年からファンに愛されているCandy Stripperのキャラクター。ペペちゃんが入ったアイテムは、毎シーズンにひとつは、必ずあるとのことです。




Candy Stripper always releases patterned item every summer. For spring, it’s strawberry and for summer, pizza and donut. It is very popular so there are many items that sell out quickly! It’s so exciting to experience unique patterned fashion!

 Candy Stripperでは、柄ものアイテムは、毎年毎シーズン発表しています。春はイチゴで、夏はピザやドーナツなど。とても人気なので、あっという間に完売するアイテムも多いそう。ユニークな柄ものファッション、わくわくしますね!

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Candy Stripper HARAJUKU

4-26-27 1F Jingumae

Shibuya-Ku Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.



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